THE downside TO long term travel

Updated: 03/02/19 | March 2nd, 2019

When I meet people and tell them about what I do or how long I have been traveling, their action is normally something like, “Wow! That is so awesome! You’re so lucky! I wish I could do something like that!”

To a lot of people, my job is the best job in the world.

Essentially, I get paid to travel. and who wouldn’t want to get paid to travel the world?

But people only think of the good side.

After a while, I get worn out of describing what I do. Now, I rarely ever mention it when I meet people. My lifestyle is not all glitter and gold and I hate the gushing. The lawn is always greener on the other side.

When I started my blog, my goal was to become a travel writer. I wanted my name in guidebooks.

But then I interviewed guidebook authors and swiftly realized that their jobs were not the idealized professions I had in my head. They work long hours, have to travel quickly, and are under tight deadlines.

The same can be said about long-term travel. There are lots of terrific things about traveling forever. but long-term travel presents you with a lonely existence sometimes. like everything, there are lots of downsides.

I once asked if you could travel for too long. two or three years of constant, always-on-the-move travel can wear a person down. It’s not that you can only travel for two years and never again — it’s that you can only be on the step for so long before you long for something like roots.

Travel uses people the chance to see new places, experience new cultures, make new friends, and learn about themselves. but whether you are on a 6-month, 1-year, 2-year, or open-ended trip, there are also downsides.

For starters, relationships are ephemeral. I have said a lot more goodbyes in three years than any individual must say in their lifetime. I recently traveled with a Canadian girl who said to me, “You need to be used to goodbyes by now huh?” The way she said it was very sad but she was right. I do have to say goodbye too much.

One of the best things about traveling is all the people you meet. but one of the worst things about traveling is also all the people you meet.

After years of hellos and goodbyes, you can become numb to it all. Sometimes, I just don’t want to meet anyone.

You develop a sense of detachment.

Why must you open yourself up again just to say another goodbye? It makes you a lot more guarded. Not all the time but often too often. Because, despite the best intentions and Facebook, you know that 90% of the people you say goodbye to, you’ll never see again. Your life is filled with 24-hour pals who made that brief time terrific but are soon gone. who wants a life filled with that?

Secondly, it makes having a relationship with the opposite sex very hard. It’s hard to find love on the road. It does happen, but relationships tend to last as long as you are both traveling together, or as long as you are both staying in the same city.

I haven’t had a girlfriend for longer than three months in years. I’d love to have one for longer, but I’m always on the move.

Moreover, a lot of girls don’t want to get into a relationship with you if they know there is no hope of you settling down. It’s hard to make a commitment when you already know there is no future. The reality is, just like with friendships, relationships are hard – and harder when you know you are leaving in just a short time.

Finally, you get tired. really tired. Of traveling. Of everything. After a while, everything becomes just another “one of.” That 100th church, 100th waterfall, 40th hostel, 800th bus ride, 600th bar… it’s not the same after a while. It loses its charm and luster.

Travel becomes unexciting. Ask any traveler — at some point, they hit that point where they are sick of traveling. They just need a few days or weeks to recharge their batteries.

After three years, I step a lot slower than I used to. I’m in no rush now. If I want to spend 12 hours out sightseeing, I can, but I tend to be out for a few hours and just kick back the rest of the time.

After all, I’ll be wherever I am for a while. slow travel is better travel, and it fights the “just another” syndrome.

But even still, travel can become exhausting, and there are times you never want to see anything with the word “historic” in front of it ever again. Some days I just want to spend a week in front of my computer enjoying motion pictures and TV.

Long-term travel takes a certain type of person to enjoy. You need to be independent, you need to be able to spend lots of time alone, you need to be flexible, and you need to be able to deal with constant change. After all, how lots of goodbyes can you say?

How typically can you have 24-hour friends?

How long can you go without a consistent relationship?

How long can you step without having a home?

These are questions I wonder about. Eventually, I’ll find the answers. I don’t think people can step foreverunless they are trying to escape something.

Me, I’m just trying to see things. I have another two years of travel planned before I become Semi-Nomadic Matt. two years is a long time away to really know anything.

But I do know that these negatives are like snowballs. They start out small but get bigger and bigger the longer you travel. And, I think eventually, they roll over us all.

Helpful travel Resources

In case you’re on the road and struggling with being alone or travel burnout, here are some valuable resources where you can get support and find other like-minded travelers to spend time with:

The Nomadic Network – The Nomadic Network is our travel Facebook group. It has nearly 15,000 members from all around the world and is an remarkable place to get local tips, find people to travel with, and get recommendations if you’re feeling down or frustrated. We also host meet-ups around the world, which is a terrific way to connect with other travelers and locals.

Couchsurfing – using the Couchsurfing app is a terrific way to meet up with other travelers or locals. You don’t need to stay with them, either. simply meet up for a coffee or to check out a museum — whatever you want! If you’re seeking to connect with people while you’re on the road, this is app is a must. – If you have a certain interest or hobby, check to see if there are people where you are who also share it. If you love to swing dance, see if there is a local swing dance club. If rock climbing is your thing, check and see if there is a local group you can meet up with. chances are you if you have a hobby, some locals will have it too!


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Book Your Trip: Logistical ideas and Tricks
Book Your Flight
Find a low-cost flight by using Skyscanner. It’s my favorite search engine because it searches web sites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
You can book your hostel with Hostelworld. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as they consistently return the least expensive rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t forget travel Insurance
Travel insurance will secure you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s detailed protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it lots of times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

SafetyWing (best for everyone)

Insure My trip (for those over 70)

Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Ready to book Your Trip?
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THE best neighborhoods IN PRAGUE: WHERE TO stay during YOUR check out

Posted: 4/17/2022 | April 17th, 2022

Franz Kafka famously said of Prague, “This mother has claws.” and he was right. There’s something about Prague that just won’t let you go. I can never get enough of this central European metropolis. It has a little bit of everything: interesting history, awe-inducing architecture, terrific pubs and clubs, and a budding restaurant scene to keep even the most ardent foodie full for a while.

I first went to this city in 2006 and have been back multiple times, even leading trips here for a while. Prague is continuously changing and I fall in love with it with each visit.

While many tourists (especially backpackers), stay in or near the historic center, it’s essential to remember Prague is that it’s not only about the historical center. There are a lot of interesting things to do in other neighborhoods throughout this city of 1.3 million people. and the city’s transportation system makes it easy to get around. In fact, some of my favorite areas in Prague are outside the historic center!!

Below, I’ll break each neighborhood down and give you suggested places to stay for each of them. But, first, some frequently asked questions I get about Prague:

What’s the best neighborhood for budget travelers?
Really, leave the historical center and prices drop. but if I have to pick one neighborhood for travelers on the cheap, it’s going to be Žižkov, a hilly, atmospheric district of cobblestoned streets and ramshackle 19th-century house buildings.

What’s the best neighborhood in Prague for families?
Vinohrady is a handsome neighborhood that is both quiet, pretty, and well connected to subway and tram lines.

What’s the best neighborhood in Prague for first-time visitors?
Most of the attractions that a first-time visitor is going to want to see and do are in Old town and across the Charles Bridge in Mala Strana.

What’s the best neighborhood in Prague for partying?
Not all the beer in Prague will help you pronounce it, but Vršovice (pronounced Ver-sho-veetz-say) is a fun out-0f-the-center neighborhood where a lot of young Czechs go to party — particularly on and around Krymská Street.

What is the best neighborhood in Prague overall?
Mala Strana, on the castle side of the Vltava River is a feast for the eyes. I like to stroll around the narrow cobblestoned streets and just get lost for an afternoon.

So, with those questions answered, here’s a breakdown of each neighborhood with suggested accommodation for each:

Prague neighborhood Overview

Best neighborhood for History

Best neighborhood for a quiet Stay

Best neighborhood for Partying

Best neighborhood for Charm

Best neighborhood for Foodies

Best neighborhood for Art Lovers

Best neighborhood for summer Fun

Best neighborhood for budget Travelers


Best neighborhood for History: Old Town

Want to get medieval? then head to Old Town, or stare Mesto in the local lingo, which is dripping with Gothic and Baroque ambience. hugging the Vltava River, this compact area is fun to just take a left or a best down a backstreet and wander. sit in a pub nursing a pint of pilsner or a coffee and then go get lost again. Old town Square is one of the most stunning squares in Europe, dominated by the Gothic-clad Old town Hall and the wicked-looking Tyn Church.

Best places to stay in Old Town

BUDGET: The Madhouse – If you want to meet people and are searching for a party, this is the best hostel in Prague to do that! The décor includes very amazing murals and the well-informed staff organize events for guests every night. It’s very popular and one of the best social hostels in the city. Don’t come here if you want to sleep and not party! It’s technically just outside the Old Town, but it’s worth the walk if you want to party!

MID-RANGE: hotel Metamorphis – A reference to writer Franz Kafka’s many well-known story? Maybe. but I guarantee you won’t be turned into a huge bug at this comfortable hotel, located in a courtyard behind Old town Square and the captivating Tyn church. The rooms here have a boutique feel but the most interesting perk is that there is a beer medspa on site (that also provides limitless beers).

LUXURY: Maximilian hotel – sleek and chic, this smart boutique hotel has comfortable rooms to rest your cobblestone weary feet. Splurge and get a room with a balcony to take in the view. There’s also a buffet breakfast, a fitness center, a restaurant, and a bar on-site.


Best neighborhood for a quiet Stay: Vinohrady

Sedate and stately Vinohrady is the optimal neighborhood to plant yourself in Prague if you’re looking some peace and quiet. Sure, there are bars and outdoor restaurants but it’s typically a unwinded residential district. Plus, Vinohrady is well connected to subway lines and trams so it’s easy to get anywhere in the city from here.

The best places to stay in Vinohrady

BUDGET: Hostel One Miru – This social hostel has a large common area with Netflix and video games so it’s easy to chill out and meet people. The host daily and nightly events and also communal dinners. The beds are comfy and many have privacy curtains so you can get a good sleep.

MID-RANGE: hotel Taurus – just off the main square in Vinohrady, Taurus is a comfortable place to lay your head after a day of sightseeing. The 86 spacious rooms all have totally free Wi-Fi and satellite TVs.

LUXURY: One room hotel – It’s not low-cost but is unique. located at the top of the renowned and retro-futuristic Žižkov TV Tower on the border of Vinohrady and Žižkov, this singular home is an unforgettable splurge with insanely beautiful views of the Czech capital.


Best neighborhood for Partying: Vršovice

Vršovice, pronounced Ver-sho-veetz-say, used to be a quiet but pretty residential neighborhood just out of the historical center of the city. but all that changed a few years ago, particularly around Krymská Street, when hip pubs, cafes, and restaurants started opening up. Head there on a Friday or Saturday evening and you’ll find the area buzzing with shaggy-haired hipsters drinking beer in pubs and on the street.

The best places to stay in Vršovice

BUDGET: Gallery hotel SIS – Basic, but clean with satellite TV and totally free Wi-Fi in every room, this 50-room spot boasts a good breakfast buffet and friendly staff. If you just need a low-cost place to stay, this is it.

MID-RANGE: Czech Inn – disregard the silly name and actually check in to this fun hotel, which is both a mid-sized hotel and a hostel. The guest rooms are big, especially if you request a corner room with views looking down winding Krymská Street.

LUXURY: Le Palais Art hotel – The geographically closest luxury home to Vršovice is a just a few blocks away. and it’s a good one. The grand hotel is, as you would expect from the name, littered with art, both in the lobby and in rooms. There are even some sketches by Le Corbusier.


Best neighborhood for Charm: Mala Strana

Translated as “Little Quarter,” Mala Strana is one of the most achingly lovely neighborhoods in Europe. cross the Charles Bridge from Old town and prepare to be shocked and awed with narrow winding cobblestone streets, cute fountain-centered squares, and Baroque palaces (many of which are housing embassies today). Don’t miss St. Nicholas’ church, which was completed in 1755 and is considered the best example of Prague Baroque architecture.

The best places to stay in Mala Strana

BUDGET: little Quarter Hostel – located between the castle and Charles Bridge, this hostel has spacious dorms and is kept very clean. The beds aren’t very comfy but there are privacy curtains and the beds aren’t crammed in like sardines so you can get a good sleep. They have a terrific breakfast too (for an extra fee).

MID-RANGE: U 3 Pstrosu – like history? Good, because you’re going to love “At the three Ostriches,” as it’s called in English. rooms have wood-beamed ceilings and totally free WiFi and some have amazing views of Charles Bridge, which is nearly an arm’s reach away.

LUXURY: Augustine – set in a still-working monastery from the middle Ages, this chic home has 100 large rooms with all the perks you’d expect from a hotel of this caliber of luxury. The basement bar is serves homemade beer from the recipe of the on-property monks.


Best neighborhood for Foodies: Karlin

It’s not easy to work out on just one neighborhood for terrific dining as the Prague food scene has grown and matured in leaps and bounds in the last decade. Karlin, located just out of the center of town, is a good bet thanks to gastropubs like Lokal Hamburk, avant-garde Scandinavian-accented spots like Eska, third-wave coffee roaster M?j Šalek Kávy, and Veltlin, a red wine bar that only pours vino made within the borders of the former Austro-Hungarian empire.

The best Where to stay in Karlin

BUDGET: Hostel Florenc – With totally free breakfast, totally free Wi-Fi, and a amazing common area with ping pong and foosball, this is a clean, budget-friendly hostel that’s ideal for travelers wanting to socialize. The water pressure in the showers is terrific and the beds are comfy.

MID-RANGE: Botanique hotel – located just a couple of blocks from the Florenc subway station in Karlin, the 214 modern rooms in Botanique have in-room coffee makers, phone charging stations, and totally free WiFi. Some rooms have balconies.

LUXURY: hotel royal Prague – If you want to feel like a king in Karlin, the royal is for you. While the hotel sits on the district’s many bustling street, the hotel takes care of the noise by adding sound-proof windows to its 196 rooms. There are also all the typical amenities you’d find in a four-star hotel.


Best neighborhood for Art Lovers: Holešovice

Pronounced “Hoe-lay-sho-veetz-say, this quasi-industrial-looking neighborhood has been, because the mid-1990s, a neighborhood for nightlife and clubbing. but in the last decade or so, it’s become a districtwhere hip bars, restaurants, and cafes have opened up, possibly only rivaled by neighboring Letna. but if you want to add art to the equation, this is the place for you. Be sure to check out DOX: center for contemporary Art, Veletržní Palac (the national Gallery’s wing of contemporary Art), and also stroll the streets to gawk whatsoever the street art. There’s also the sprawling Stromovka Park for anybody wanting to take a quiet stroll and get away from the city.

The best places to stay in Holešovice

BUDGET: Sir Toby’s – This two-decade-old hostel in Holešovice has both dorms and private rooms available, depending on your budget and style of travel. The attached pub can become raucously fun at times. They host regular events (trivia, cooking classes) and there are lots of board games and books for unwinding in the common area. It’s a fun, social hostel that makes it easy to meet people.

MID-RANGE: mama shelter – part of a small chain of hip, design-laced European hotels, the Prague outlet of mama shelter has been outfitted from a former Communist-era hotel. The garden-level restaurant serves comfort grub to choose your Czech beer and the rooms come in four different sizes, depending on how much your budget will allow.

LUXURY: Art hotel – This art-strewn home nestled between Holešovice and Bubenec provides comfortable rooms in which to unwind after a day of art gallery hopping. and you need not go far to check out some local art. The hotel has a collection of works by Czech modern artists, including Jan and Pravoslav Kotík, Pavel Roucka and Pavel Štecha.


Best neighborhood for summer Fun: Naplavka

When the sun shines brightest and the days are longest, the best place to hang out in Prague is Naplavka. set along the riverbank just south of Palacky Bridge — or Palackého Most, in the local parlance — Naplavka is made up of a series of bars and restaurants. You can sit along the edge of the Vltava River (with the castle looming in the distance) and nurse a beer or do a pub crawl, hitting several spots in one afternoon or evening.

The best places to stay in Naplavka

BUDGET: Hostel Emma – set a cobblestone’s throw from the river and nearly behind the famed dancing House, Hostel Emma is a quiet hostel with a fully-equipped kitchen and totally free Wi-Fi. The dorms are basic and the bunks aren’t very comfortable, but the hostel is within walking distance to everything you need.

MID- RANGE: Arbes – located ner the foot of Petrin hill, this hotel has spacious vintage boutique rooms that are a stones throw from the Vltava River. totally free Wi-Fi is included and thee staff are incredibly accommodating.

LUXURY: dancing house – set in a dynamic Frank Gehry-designed building that was constructed in the mid-1990s, the hotel provides fine views of Prague Castle and Old town and is only steps from the Naplavka bars. breakfast and a welcome drink are included.


Best neighborhood for budget Travelers: Žižkov

This is a hilly, atmospheric district full of cobblestoned streets and ramshackle 19th-century house buildings. prior to 1922, the area was actually an independent city separate from Prague. Historically, this was a working-class district and has a history of supporting left-wing causes, with locals referring to the area as the “Free Republic of Žižkov.” Don’t miss the 9-meter tall statue of military leader Jan Žižka and be sure to clamber up the TV tower to take in the view.

The best places to stay in Žižkov

BUDGET: Clown & Bard Hostel – This is a chill hostels with friendly staff and an environmentally friendly vibe. The bunks are basic but the rooms are spacious and there are tons of low-cost bears nearby if you want to go out and socialize (there’s a bar on-site too).

MID-RANGE: hotel Gloria – This modern hotel boasts spacious rooms, totally free Wi-Fi, and a quiet and convenient location at the foot of Vitkov Hill. totally free breakfast is included and the renowned Charles Bridge is just a short jaunt away.



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In this talk, founder & Editor in chief of The Black Explorer magazine, Ella Paradis, shares her perspective on the decolonizing travel writing movement by challenging who gets to be called a travel writer and who gets to tell the story of the places we explore and the people who live there. It will be a very interesting and though-provoking presentation as we take a deeper dive into travel writing and the ways in which it could be much more inclusive…

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THAI farm cooking SCHOOL: hot and Spicy lessons in Chiang Mai

Published: September 2013

Hot and spicy was that morning as its very first hour was spent strolling in between lanes of spices and other produce. I was about to obtain a new skill, something I swore to perform in every destination I set foot on. I discovered to bike in Siem Reap, and to celebration (oh yes, that’s a skill) in Bangkok. In Chiang Mai, as soon as I had a bowl of tom yum goong from a humble street stall, I understood precisely what I desired — to be the next Anthony Bourdain. Or at least, to discover exactly how to cook a few of my preferred Thai dishes!

Given that my like for Thai food is higher than the frak I provide about half the people in my life, it just made ideal sense that I foray into Thai cuisine and sharpen my culinary capabilities here, if I ever had any in me.

Learning exactly how to cook isn’t that challenging in Chiang Mai. because the city’s increase as a major traveler destination, a number of cooking “schools” have mushroomed, providing one-day accident programs to excited Thai master chef wannabes (like me)! one of them is the Thai farm cooking School.

Chiang Mai Market Tour

The class started with an hour-long trip of the city’s wet and dry market, where we would shop for many of the major ingredients. Thurian, our cooking trainer for the day, led us with a labyrinth of fresh produce. Our very first stop was a rice store, where she explained the numerous types and utilizes of these essential grains. even curry is available in numerous tastes and colors in Chiang Mai — green, red, and yellow. eco-friendly curry seems to be the routine kind. Red has great deals of chili peppers in it. Yellow has turmeric. We didn’t purchase any curry, for we would be making our own later that day.

The wetter part of the market was on the other side, and much like those we have right here in the Philippines, almost every part of cows and pigs are offered here, from the typical meat down to the entrails. One thing I discovered was that there were also a great deal of cooked dishes offered in the market. Of course, the spiral-shaped sausage that I had been seeing throughout the city was present.

A quick farm Tour

I shared the multi-cab with other tourists — four good friends from Shanghai, a couple from new York, and a French lady. The trip to the countryside was a excellent chance to make good friends with them. Alas, I didn’t make any during the ride. Language barrier, I dislike you! however as soon as Anna and Pete, the American couple, told me that my bag looked adorable and extremely fashionable, I understood that we were gonna be the closest cooking friends this institution was going to see! third wheel FTW!

There was a unexpected modification in the environment when our car turned a corner. It was much quieter here, and the air fresher. We hopped out of the multi-cab for a quick trip around the farm. This was precisely why I selected to join this school. While other similar classes occur inside a house’s kitchen area somewhere in the city center, Thai farm cooking institution has an actual farm. Sure, it’s smal, however it is certainly much better than a cramped kitchen. because we already purchased the meat and seafood from the market, all we needed to pick from the farm were the additional spices. and spices they had many.

With a wide-brimmed farm hat and a bright red apron on, we waltzed on the turf and began gathering much more ingredients. It was a pleasure to see what these plants actually looked like. It was my very first time to see a kaffir lime tree and a coriander plant. Ah, easy joys in life.

Let the Cookin’ Begin!

When we enrolled, we were asked to fill out a form, enabling us to select which Thai favorites we would want to prepare. This was performed in advance so the organizers would understand in advance which components to buy. A full-day program includes six dishes.

Each of us had our own work area equipped with a range of kitchen, uhm, stuff — a stove, a wok, a pan, utensils, stuff.

First up, curry. I’m not truly a curry man however I believed it would be great to discover exactly how to make it from scratch. prior to this class, I actually believed that there was a “curry” herb. You know, like basil or bay leaf or ginger that is dried and pulverized. Apparently, the curry is a combination of numerous ingredients! dumb me. however at least I got the pulverized part right.

While I was diverting all my energy to my best arm, which was desperately crushing all the components with a mortar and pestle, I realized exactly how smart it was to choose Thai farm cooking School. The view of the farm with the broad open windows was so refreshing. It actually kept me from smashing my head with the pestle after noticing I was the slowest of the bunch! My grinding was just so lame that everybody else actually had curry paste in their bowls, and I still had this mound of colorless grainy lameness. When our trainer Thurian inspected my masterpiece, she smiled at me. Don’t judge, sister. I’m holding a deadly stone pestle.

After the morning workout that created a cupful of paste, it was time to make the poultry curry dish. We added meat and vegetables to a pan of coconut milk and let it simmer. Eventually, we added our curry paste and the rest of the ingredients. I was expected to produce Red Curry with Chicken, however the only red thing around was the palm of my hand.

For the soup, I opted with Tom Yum. Like, hello, it’s my preferred soup in the world! I had never tried to cook tom yum at house for I felt it’s as well complex. Apparently, tom yum is rather a easy meal and is simple to prepare. The difficulty is to discover the best ingredients. Fortunately, Thurian made sure we had whatever we needed.

We had a feast for lunch, featuring what we just prepared in the past couple of hours. everybody seemed quite satisfied with their Thai culinary debut! even I was shocked to like the mess I made! Not bad! Anthony Bourdain ought to be scared!

The rest of the afternoon was full of much more cooking! I had wonderful and Sour for stir-fried and Pad Thai for our noodle dish. Both were leaps much better than my morning’s work. and to close the day was dessert, for which I made a bowl of Bananas in Coconut Milk.

Hurray! I survived a Thai kitchen! I’m now a step better toward ending up being the next top chef Master! (Delusions!) The day was certainly much more exhausting than I expected. It also dawned on me that being the next Anthony Bourdain was in truth an impossibility in every possible way. however I did it. I may not be able to surface my own Red Curry, however it was still one product on my container listing crossed off!

My next stop was Luang Prabang. The goal was to discover exactly how to meditate. and be the next Avatar!

Thai farm cooking School
Contact Number: (081) 288 59 89
Email Address:

Rates: THB 1,100 for a full-day course

View larger Map

More suggestions on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Last Updated: 9/25/20 | September 25th, 2020

Couchsurfing was one of the first sharing economy travel web sites in the world.

Couchsurfing was conceived by 21-year-old Casey Fenton in 1999. After he found a low-cost flight to Iceland, he realized he didn’t have a location to say.

Instead of settling for a expensive hotel, Fenton hacked into the university of Iceland’s trainee database and e-mailed 1,500 trainees asking for a location to stay. almost 100 people replied. When he returned home, Casey came and started Couchsurfing. From there, the site grew into one of the main methods travelers connect with locals for events and locations to stay.

It (and sites like it such as BeWelcome, Servas, and GlobalFreeloaders) stays one of the very best methods to connect with locals, get off the main vacationer travel path, make new friends, and save money by getting free accommodation.

I started utilizing Couchsurfing during my first round the world trip in 2006. My first hold was a lady in Athens who taught me what makes the best gyro while my second hold a guy who let me stay in his guesthouse (with a pool!) for as long as I desired and my third a couple in Melbourne who showed me around the suburbs.

Though I utilized it only a few times that original trip, in the years that have followed, it ended up being my lifeline. I’ve satisfied people I still phone call good friends today. Couchsurfing has opened up a world of outstanding people to me while assisting bring down on the greatest costs in travel.

Though the service isn’t as prominent as it utilized to be, it stays prominent enough where holds still get swamped with more requests than they can handle and you have to make yourself stand out.

If you’re sending out lots of requests and nobody composes back — even to state no — then something is wrong with your approach. holds can normally odor the travelers who just want to utilize them for a free location to stay a mile away (a lesson I discovered the hard method early on).

It’s important to keep in mind that the people you are reaching out to have genuine lives and are taking you into their home for free. The dates might not work and/or they might get so many requests (and this is extremely true for prominent destinations) they just don’t have the time to respond to them all.

So how do you prosper at Couchsurfing? how do you find people who will state agree to hold you but won’t be overall creeps? show that you want to be involved in the community. That you care. That you took the time to fill out your profile in detail and aren’t just utilizing this as a method to avoid paying $30 for a dorm bed.

Here is how to prosper and get a action on Couchsurfing:

Always have multiple (and Current) profile Pictures

This just shows me, as a prospective host, that you’re a genuine person. have photos of you with your friends, from your travels, and having fun. I can see you took the time to put the pictures up. It shows you care and you have a social life.

Moreover, make sure they match your age. If your profile states you are 30 and your pictures look like they were taken ten years ago, that’s a bit weird. keep them updated. I am constantly adding pictures from my travels. I currently have five uploaded. I don’t believe there is any magic number to this but the more the better.

Fill Out Your profile in Detail

If you’ve taken the time to fill out your profile, it most likely indicates you are severe about this site. It will give people a chance to learn what type of person you are instead of guessing based on the one email you composed them and that ten-year-old picture you swiftly put up. profiles with believed and detail get a lot more responses. I want to know about the complete stranger I am going to have in my home, and your complete profile lets me do that.

Have suggestions and Reviews

Both holds and travelers can accrue suggestions from other hosts, friends, and guests. As always, the more positive reviews, the better. If you see that other people have stayed with the hold and had a fun and risk-free experience, you most likely will too. You might not get together with the hold in the end, but at least you know they aren’t a creep or will take your stuff.

The exact same works for you, the prospective guest. holds want to see that you aren’t a creep too!

However, if you are new to the service don’t have any reviews, ask your good friends who utilize the service to compose you a evaluation and describe you as a friend. I accept a lot of people as guests because, while they are new to the service, they have positive evaluations from people they know (who also have positive reviews), from other people they’ve satisfied traveling, or from Couchsurfing meet-ups.

Attend Meet-ups in Your City

If you’re new to the platform and don’t have any reviews, attend local meet-ups and events. After all, Couchsurfing is more than just staying with people. It’s aboutbeing part of a community!

Each city — including your own — will likely lots of routine activities, groups, and events that you can attend. meet people — whether as a local or a traveler — and get to know them. Go places. Hang out. get evaluations from people. Not all your evaluations requirement to find from people who have stayed with you!

Plus, this is a terrific method to make new good friends who like to travel! You can utilize the “Hangouts” function on the app to find people near you, suggest activities, and make connections. This is the fastest method to get evaluations and grow your account.

Be a hold First

Another method to earn evaluations (as well as give back to the community) is to hold people. Being a hold isn’t always about having people stay with you either. often it’s just being a excursion guide. I’ve had outstanding holds who just showed me their town — from the girl in Ukraine who brought me to a university party, to the guy in Oxford who took me rowing, to the good friends in Munich who took me an outstanding rock concert.

If you don’t have area to host, offer to take people out and show them around your city. If people have spent time with you — even if they haven’t stayed at your location — you’ll still earn reviews, make new friends, and increase your possibilities of being held down the road!

Get Verified

Couchsurfing uses different levels of verification. members can be verified by their address, government ID, phone number, and by paying a membership fee. getting verified is one of the most important things you can do to improve your possibilities of being hosted. understanding that a person has been verified reduces the probability that they are going to be a crazy psycho killer.

As of 2020, Couchsurfing needs a little fee in buy to utilize the platform (due to their financial struggles from COVID19). members requirement to pay $2.39 per month (or $14.29 per year), which supplies access to the platform and gets you verified (if you were already verified, you won’t requirement to pay up until 2021).

While it is a cost, it’s a negligible one. The community has tons of value, from its app to its forums to the free lodging it offers. If you can afford it, I’d encourage you to pay the fee. It’s worth it!

Write Captivating and personal Requests

When sending out requests for a host, make your request personal. Don’t just compose one or two sentences, communicate what you liked about their profile, why you would be a good fit, your routines and hobbies, what you want to get out of it, and what you can offer the host. Be interesting and be personal.

The reason a lot of people fail at Couchsurfing is that they send out boring, generic, cut-and-pasted emails. here is an example of that:

Hi Matt,

I’m pertaining to Austin next week for 3 days. Can I stay with you?


I would ignore or respond no to that email. It doesn’t tell me anything about the person. I have to do the extra work to go to the person’s page, click around, and figure out on my own if this person is typical or not.

A much better email is would be:

Hi Matt,

How are you? I’m pertaining to Austin next week for three days and saw your hold page. like you, I’m also a big fan of game of Thrones, whiskey, and Thai food. It would be remarkable to have a hold who could show me those things around Austin. I’ve heard lots of terrific things about the city and am seeking to get outdoors and explore. I also like to cook and would like to cook you a meal from my country, France! I’m quiet, clean, and won’t be in your method if you requirement to work or something.

– Sam

That’s the type of email that would get a action from me! Moreover, Benny Lewis of Fluent in 3 Months, who has held over 2,000 couchsurfers, uses this advice:

Think of what you can do for that host. people tend to be extremely self-centered in their emails and state how outstanding a person they are, which would make me roll my eyes a lot. but the strange email would be from somebody who chosen up on something on my profile, such as a language I’d like to learn and stating that in exchange for the couch, he can show me a few of that language. That would stimulate my interest and get me to hold them more!

When there is a sense that somebody should have to be hosted, forgetting that I’m providing them the roofing and local tours, etc., free of charge, it’s a breath of fresh air when somebody states that if I take him to a local club, he’ll show me hip-hop dance moves.

Don’t be self-centered. It’s evident you are trying to find a free location to stay but you have to go beyond that. let holds know what you can do for them and why it’s going to be a fun experience.

Send Out multiple Requests

Part of Couchsurfing is playing the numbers game. It’s just a fact of the system. If you email just one or two people, especially in a city with few hosts, it’s skeptical you’ll find much success. email as many holds as possible to maximize your chances. stating “sorry, I’ve found another host” is not going to cause any bad blood, and a lot of holds acknowledge you are emailing multiple people. I don’t email prospective holds who haven’t been active on the site within 30 days because it’s less likely they will respond to you.

Most people fail at Couchsurfing because they just utilize it as a method to get a free location to stay. They put bit effort into it yet expect outstanding results. Couchsurfing is an attitude, a method of thinking, and, a lot of importantly, a community.

Not all holds want to interact with their guests, but even those who want very little contact still want to meet and speak to interesting people. If they didn’t, they put their location on Airbnb instead.

To crush it on Couchsurfing, you requirement a positive attitude and a desire to be part of a community.

You can’t just want to utilize people for a free place.

And always keep in mind to be a good guest: be respectful, be clean, be tidy, and follow any “house” policies set by the hosts.

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Book Your Trip: Logistical ideas and Tricks
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Book Your Accommodation
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Don’t forget travel Insurance
Travel insurance will secure you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive security in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to utilize it many times in the past. My favorite business that offer the very best service and value are:

SafetyWing (best for everyone)

Insure My trip (for those over 70)

Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Ready to book Your Trip?
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15 interesting things to perform in BORACAY, Philippines

If I ever doubted the popularity of Boracay (which I didn’t), it swiftly evaporated as soon as I walked along White Beach. It was midweek of an off-peak season, yet this side of the island was packed to the edge. never mind the temperamental weather. never mind the gloomy, un-postcard-friendly skies. Beach-goers swarmed around the shore like worker bees drawn in to some kind of tropical pheromones. The culprit, Queen B.

Boracay is on a roll. It has been for decades now. In 2010 alone, Boracay registered nearly 780,000 vacationer arrivals. That’s three years ago! A great deal has occurred since. Airlines have added lots of new flights in as well as out of Kalibo worldwide Airport, the nearest major gateway other than Caticlan. outside the country, a number of worldwide travel authorities have hailed Boracay as one of the very best beaches in the world. Undoubtedly, Boracay stays one of the most prominent beach destinations in the country.

Boracay has been criticized for overcrowdedness as well as hypercommercialism. lots of other beach destinations have been found as well as made a lot more accessible, each catering to their own niche: Malapascua for chasing sharks, Coron for seeking wrecks, Calaguas for camping retreats, CamSur for extreme sports. however Boracay… Boracay has something for everyone.

If Queen Boracay has been calling as well as you believe it’s time to take heed, right here are 15 of the activities awaiting you in her white-girdled, sparkling lair.


1. Island Hopping
2. diving diving
3. Parasailing
4. Paraw sailing
5. Standup Paddling
6. Fly Fish
7. Cliff Diving
8. Zorb as well as Zipline
9. ATV Ride
10. Mermaid Swimming
11. beach Sports
12. Food Trip
13. Sunset Watching
14. Massage!
15. Firedancers, clubs, parteeeeeeeh!

More ideas on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️Related Posts:

1. Island Hopping

One of the most prominent activities in Boracay. hire a boat for a half-day excursion around the island’s lots of beaches including Puka Beach, Crocodile Beach, as well as Tambisaan Beach. excursions normally include lunch!

Boracay has at least 12 beaches!
Rates: P1000 to P3500 per boat, depending upon the size of the boat as well as whether it is height season or off-peak

Where to book: Ask the personnel of your hotel, for they definitely understand a get in touch with or two. If not, you can head for White beach as well as inspect out the lots of excursion booths.

More beaches here: The 12 beaches of Boracay.

2. diving diving

Because above-the-surface can get tiring to some! There are over 15 dive sites around Boracay waters, all waiting on your curious presence. Be blown away by a trove of corals, underwater tunnels, caves, as well as other fascinating spots!

Rates: A 3-4 hour beginner program with 1 dive costs around P3500. If you already have your PADI Certification, a fun dive costs around P1600.

Where to book: A number of PADI diving centers are found in White Beach. Try WaterColors Dive resort or success Divers.

3. Parasailing

Zoom on a speedboat off Bulabog beach as well as then soar high above the island! get a amazing view while you’re at it. Don’t fail to remember to bring a cam since the boat personnel are normally skilled in taking photos of overwhelmed (and dizzy) flying tourists!

So this is exactly how it feels to be a kite…
Rates: P750 to P2500 per person, depending upon exactly how lots of you are in the group, as well as exactly how well you haggle. You can even push it lower during off height season! just keep in mind that it’s a lot more costly if you’re doing it solo!

Where to book: diamond Watersports at White beach station 1 (+63 36 288 6621, +63 36 288 6681).

More about my experience here: Parasailing in Boracay

4. Paraw sailing

Sailing old school! A paraw is an outrigger boat with two sails. get onboard, manage it like you manage a few of your friends, as well as let the wind take you to the very best sites as well as sights around the island. finest done during sunset.

Wind, take meeee!
Rates: P1000-P1500 per person, depending upon exactly how lots of you are in the group.

5. Standup Paddling

Because being seated is so overrated. LOL. “You don’t requirement to be a skilled surfer—at least not yet—to maneuver a standup paddle board,” states Nikka Corsino of Two2Travel. “White Beach’s placid as well as shallow waters on a fine day make this activity best for beginners.”

Because being seated is so passe.
Rates: Board rental with lessons are around P300 to P500 per hour.

Where to book: Paddlesurf Boracay at Obama Grill at station 1, or at Funboard center Boracay at Bulabog Beach.

6. Fly Fish

An exhilarating trip that is not for the faint-hearted! trip a gigantic inflatable fish as well as get pulled along by a speedboat! It’s one hell of a bumpy (sometimes bouncy) trip that is best for barkadas. Hang on to your spirit tight, for you may leave it behind! Not suggested to 18yo as well as below.

Hang on tight!
Rates: P550-P600 per person

Where to book: Diamond Watersports at White beach station 1

7. Cliff Diving

A preferred among the adventurous. Leap off a cliff as well as make a huge sprinkle in the cerulean waters below! Ariel’s point has five cliff diving platforms, with the greatest at 13 meters. “The lower ones at 7 meters, 6 meters, 5 meters, as well as 3 meters,” according to their website. “Guests who like not to jump from any type of of the platforms can utilize our floating dock to go into the water.”

Rates: P1,600 per person, however this expense is really for a bundle that includes “a round-trip outrigger ride, BBQ lunch buffet, merienda (afternoon snacks), unrestricted drinks, full utilize of Ariel’s point amenities as well as services (cliff-diving, canoes, kayaks, snorkeling gear, as well as floating raft), as well as protection of regional environmental as well as snorkeling fees.”

Where to book: Boracay beach Club, station 1. You may likewise contact 63 (036) 288 6770.

8. Zorb as well as Zipline

You understand the drill! You get inside a gigantic bubble, it rolls down a hill with you in it, as well as you’re taken to a spin! Or, zipline from 80 feet above sea level down to the beach. (If you’ve tried other ziplines, you may discover this 300-m trip underwhelming, though.)

Down the line!
Rates: Zorb, P400-500; Zipline, P700

Where to book: Zorb Park, Yapak (+639279085191); Zipline Boracay, Fairways & Bluewater  (+639297037599)

9. ATV Ride

Drive to the island’s greatest peak, Mt. Luho! Don’t expect terrains as difficult as that around Mayon Volcano, however if you haven’t tried this before, this is best for your ATV debut!

ATV Patrol!
Rates: P800-P1000 per unit

10. Mermaid Swimming

The one activity in Boracay that I’m terrified to try. (I may like it as well much!) “The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy uses monofin swimming lessons with a special twist—students get to wear not just monofins, however likewise mermaid tails,” Nikka Corsino of Two2Travel says. “More than the cool gear though, monofin swimming is a excellent workout as well as training for complimentary diving for all ages.”

Image courtesy of
Rates: P1500 for an introductory course. minimum of 3pax.

Where to book: Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, +63 917 324 3947

11. beach Sports

Get your spheres prepared as well as bring them to Boracay! Whether you’re into beach volleyball or soccer, you’ll discover the large bed of sand in Boracay the best playground.

Beach football!

12. Food Trip

We understand you’re most likely working our so difficult to get that best beach body, however prepare to state goodbye to it immediately. Boracay is a best pigging out paradise! “With so lots of restaurants to select from, every meal in Boracay may be a hit-and-miss affair, shares Nikka. “It’s extremely simple to autumn prey to beachfront displays, buffet promos, as well as even complimentary dinners.”

So vibrant as well as yummmeh.
Where to Eat: 11 restaurants to try in Boracay

13. Sunset Watching

It’s wonderful. as well as it’s FREE!


14. Massage!

Here’s a challenge. walk the entire length of White beach as well as count the number of massage locations along the way. No, don’t do that. It’s rather stressful provided exactly how lots of of them exist. however if you’re already stressed out to begin with, hit one of their beach-side beds as well as get a kicking back message.

Rates: P300 to P500 per hour

Where to book: Anywhere at White Beach

15. Firedancers, clubs, parteeeeeeeh!

It’s that a person thing Boracay has that a lot of other regional beach destinations don’t — the celebration vibe! wait up until the dark takes over as well as the island transforms into a gigantic outside club — loud, vibrant, as well as intoxicating. get a drink, make new friends, as well as dance the night away.

For a listing of the island’s clubs as well as bars with information on price, type of music, as well as opening hours, inspect out this publish by Boracay Compass: Boracay Nightlife Guide.

Or if that’s not your thing, you can always enjoy the firedancers entertain the crowd in lots of areas along the beach.


I had always wondered why Boracay was this loved. It never occurred to me up until I was already there. As I walked by the beach, I might not assist noticing the diversity of the bees drawn in to the Queen. By the berm were kids building sand castles; under the shade were their parents keeping an eye on them as well as the other on the view. On the far, a lot more laid-back side were solo travelers enjoying the water; on the other, groups of urbanites all prepped up for a late-night party.

It’s not just the fine sand. It’s not just the sunset. It’s not just the partying. It is the nearly limitless variety of activities that keeps the swarm coming back. Boracay has something for nearly everyone. as well as nearly everybody just can’t get enough.

How to get to Boracay: From Manila, fly to Kalibo or Caticlan. If Kalibo, take a bus or van (P200) at the flight terminal to Caticlan Jetty Port. Pay the terminal charge (P100), environmental charge (P75), as well as ferry fare (P25). Board the ferry to Boracay. If Caticlan, just take a trike to Caticlan jetty port as well as comply with the exact same steps.

More ideas on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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HOW TO get TO BORACAY FROM KALIBO flight terminal



NEW BORACAY & KALIBO travel demands & new typical guidelines 2022

SINGAPORE TO KUALA LUMPUR by BUS or TRAIN: crossing the border

aside from being a prominent tourist destination, Singapore is likewise a preferred stopover for those who seek to check out other locations in the region. one of the most usual routes is Singapore – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Singapore as well as Kuala Lumpur are over 350 kilometers apart, which is a significant distance. Yet, many backpackers do this path as well as avoid many destinations in between since of the plenty of offered direct transportation options.

The reality is, the airplane is the quickest as well as simplest method to travel between these two fantastic cities. It will only take about an hour from Changi flight terminal to Kuala Lumpur worldwide Airport. This can likewise be an costly choice if you cannot score a cheaper airfare. If you are pressed for time as well as on a budget, you may inspect the budget plan carriers for promo/cheap fares.

But for those who have the high-end of time, traveling by land is something to consider. It takes around 6 hours. Here’s exactly how to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by bus as well as by train.


BY BUS1. purchase your ticket.
2. go to the designated pick up point.
3. Go with immigration inspect at the border.
4. get off at your designated stop.

By Train
WHERE TO stay IN KUALA LUMPURSearch for more Kuala Lumpur Hotels!

More tips on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️Related Posts:


1. purchase your ticket.

You can either buy from your chosen bus business ticketing office or book on the internet with their website.
You can likewise book via 12go here: SINGAPORE-KUALA LUMPUR BUS!

Asian Public Transportation

MELBOURNE travel guide with budget schedule

Our first day in Melbourne was a series of unfortunate events.

We spent our first two hours wandering aimlessly along its practically empty streets. I was expected to rely on data roaming on my first day, but for some reason, my service company chose to cut my line despite having paid my bill in full even before my trip. It would have been easy finding a pocket wifi or SIM card but our plane landed in the early morning, at 3am, and none of the shops at the airport or the city were open. I connected to the airport wifi for a minute to load Google maps and search for some info and chose to head out to my hotel.

Without access to the internet, we took the bus and successfully reached the city only to end up boarding the wrong tram, taking us farther from my hotel. LOL. We tried hailing a cab, but there weren’t that numerous passing by and none of them would stop. With luggage in tow, we chose to just walk to the taxi queue that we found earlier, eight blocks away. The cold, cold mid-autumn wind was sweeping Melbourne’s broad streets. When we finally arrived at the hotel, the receptionist greeted us with a warm, warm welcome. I knew it would be too early for check-in, but she smilingly shared that there was already an available room and that we could check in if we so preferred. “It’s your lucky day,” she said. She had no idea.

When I finally hit the bed to rest, I was right away reminded of the first years of The poor Traveler. We built this blog to file our misadventures and share suggestions to our readers so they could learn from our mistakes. This trip is one of our many unforgettable because we made a lot of mistakes along the way. So here’s our Melbourne travel Guide, and here’s hoping you’ll learn from it.


Top budget hotels in Melbourne
Top Melbourne Apartments for Rent
Top Melbourne Hostels & Dormitories
Search for much more Melbourne Hotels!


HOW TO get around MELBOURNEBy Public TransportationFREE Tram Zone
How Does the myki Card Work?

By Uber or Taxi
By Sightseeing Bus

THINGS TO do in MELBOURNEGreat ocean Road
Melbourne City Tour
Queen Victoria Market
Melbourne star observation Wheel
Eureka Skydeck
Phillip Island
Werribee open range Zoo
Brighton Beach
St. Kilda
Other Melbourne Attractions

FREQUENTLY ASKED questions about MELBOURNEIs Melbourne safe?
Do we need a visa to check out Melbourne?
Are immigration and Customs in Melbourne strict?
When is the best time to check out Melbourne?
What type of power plug / socket is used in Melbourne?
Is Melbourne expensive? What are the typical costs of common items?
What is the tipping customized in Melbourne?
What is the escalator etiquette in Melbourne?
Where is the best place to exchange money in Melbourne?
What is better: Sydney or Melbourne?

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Melbourne is located along the southern edge of Australia. It is cradled in the sheltered Port Phillip Bay, which opens up to Bass Strait, separating the mainland from the island of Tasmania.

Way before Europeans arrived, Australian Aborigines have occupied the area for thousands of years. In the 19th century, totally free settlers from Tasmania (called Van Diemen’s Land at the time) moved to this corner of the Australian continent. other groups of settlers followed. Back then, the area was part of the British colony of new South Wales. On 30 August 1835, the city was founded, named after the Prime minister of Britain at the time, William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne. The next decades saw a gold rush fueling the fast development and population growth of the city.

Today, Melbourne is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. next only to Sydney, it is Australia’s second largest city, home to around 5 million residents, and one of the most went to by travelers, with its main airport welcoming over 35 million passengers in 2016-17.

Here are some helpful bits about Melbourne.

Location: Melbourne is part of Victoria, Australia. It’s on the southern hemisphere, so they delight in summer in December-February and winter season in June-August. Coordinates: 37°48′49″S 144°57′47″E.

Time Zone: UTC+10. Australian Eastern conventional Time (AEST). Melbourne is ahead of the Philippines, Singapore or Malaysia by 2 hours, and ahead of Japan by 1 hour. Daylight saving time is in effect in summer: AEDT (UTC+11).

Language: English is spoken by the majority. but Mandarin, Greek, Italian and Vietnamese are spoken by a significant fraction of the population.

Currency: Australian dollar (AUD). AUD1 is roughly PHP36, USD0.7, SGD 0.95, EUR0.62, (as of July 2019). If you have Maestro, Cirrus, Visa, MasterCard Debit cards, you can withdraw from ATMs. Or before your flight, go to your local bank and purchase AUDs.

Modes of Payment: cash and credit report cards are both typically accepted but the city is moving in the cashless direction.


If you look at the map of Melbourne, you’ll find that it is split into two by the Yarra River. The city is even more divided into several districts, but travelers can focus on five areas, which I’ll talk about below.

Central company district (CBD), located north of Yarra River. In numerous cities around the world, the financial district is separated from its old town. In Melbourne, the CBD is also its historical core, which makes it the most optimal place to stay for tourists. It is well-connected to numerous other parts of the city and surrounding suburbs.

Docklands, also north of Yarra River but west of the CBD. think of it as Melbourne’s marina. There isn’t much activity here on a regular day, but attractions include the marvel Stadium, the Melbourne star observation Wheel, and some shopping centers.

Southbank, which stands on the southern banks of the river, thus the name (duh). This is the city’s home entertainment center with a theater complex and the Crown Casino area.

Inner North, the area in the immediate north of the CBD. Its map is shaded by a number of gardens and parks, but the most popular traveler spot is the Melbourne Zoo.

St. Kilda, south of the city center. It has emerged as the city’s backpacking district; thanks to its dynamic nightlife, available bay beach, and a multitude of cost effective hostels and restaurants. Attractions include Luna Park and the Sunday art market.


Which is the best area? Well, it depends on a lot of things.

If I’m traveling with family or friends, I’ll certainly choose the CBD. everything else is also easily available from here. but if I’m traveling alone, I’ll probably consider St. Kilda. There are also direct buses from the airport to both areas.

If you choose to stay in CBD, pick a hotel or hostel near a train station, so you don’t need to walk long distances or rely on the tram too much if you decide to see attractions outside the city. In particular, consider the areas close to the following:

Central station

Southern cross Station

Both are in a good location: bursting with low-cost lodging, dining, and shopping options. but I believe that southern cross station is much more ideal. I stayed near central because I cluelessly assumed that it is the city’s main station. It turned out that southern cross station is the real heart of the city because many train arteries pass through this area especially if you plan on seeing the suburbs and attractions outside the city like Werribee. In fact, I typically find myself making a transfer at southern cross when I’m coming from Central.

Several bus lines also start or terminate at southern Cross. numerous organized trips also have their meet-up points somewhere around the area. So yep, it’s southern cross for me.

The many common accommodations in Melbourne are hotels. all of them are expensive, especially if you’re used to Southeast Asian rates. but cost of living in general is pretty high. There are budget hotels available in the CBD. another slightly much more cost effective option is booking an house or a room in a residential building or area. Hostels are also available.

Below are the top-rated properties on Agoda, as scored by customers.

Top budget hotels in Melbourne

ibis Melbourne Central. check rates & Availability! ✅

Brady hotels central Melbourne. check rates & Availability! ✅

Rendezvous hotel Melbourne. check rates & Availability! ✅

The Jazz corner Hotel. check rates & Availability! ✅

Top Melbourne Apartments for Rent

AML house (Agoda)

The escape in southern cross Station. check rates & Availability! ✅

AML Apartment. check rates & Availability! ✅

Nest-Apartments Sea view Apartments. check rates & Availability! ✅

Top Melbourne Hostels & Dormitories

For budget travelers and backpackers, staying at a hostel is a terrific idea. Not only do you save some bucks, you also get to meet other travelers. You can find hostels near southern cross station (Melbourne central YHA) or other parts of CBD that offer beds for as low as A$30 per night.

Most hostels also have an open kitchen where you can cook your own meals. You get to save a lot on food this way.

United Backpackers. check rates & Availability! ✅

Melbourne central YHA. check rates & Availability! ✅

Space Hotel. check rates & Availability! ✅

Europa Melbourne. check rates & Availability! ✅

Nomads Melbourne Backpackers. check rates & Availability! ✅

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As one of Australia’s many popular destinations, Melbourne is connected by air to various cities around the world and over 30 other destinations in Australia. It is served by two airports:

Melbourne airport (MEL), also known as Tullamarine airport because it’s located in the suburb of Tullamarine, north of the city center. As the bigger airport, it is used by much more airlines including Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

Avalon airport (AVV), located in Avalon in Geelong City, 50 km southwest of Melbourne. It’s used mainly by JetStar and AirAsia.

If you’re coming from Manila, the easiest and many convenient flights are provided by Philippine Airlines. PAL, the country’s four-star flag-carrier, uses a 309-seater Airbus A330-300. They use the Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. travel time is only around 8 hours.

Regular fares can go as low as USD233 one-way, which can still go lower when there’s a promo. All bookings come with totally free 25kg baggage allowance and a hot meal, a snack, and complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

All seats are equipped with personal TV screen featuring an outstanding collection of films and series, and in-seat USB power supply! I binge-watched episodes of young Sheldon onboard! Haha. It’s also myPAL wi-fi enabled!


The easiest way to travel between the airport and the city center is by taking the SkyBus, which runs for 24 hours (varying frequencies throughout the day). The journey lasts 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Image courtesy of Klook
After emerging from the immigration and Customs inspection area, head to the exit to your right. right away outside, you’ll fine the SkyBus stop. You’ll know you’re at the best place when you see the electronic ticket kiosks and a ticket booth.

You can book a SkyBus ticket through the electronic machines here. note that these machines don’t accept cash, only credit report cards. Fare: AUD 19.75, one-way; AUD 38, roundtrip. All buses are equipped with totally free wifi.

You can also book online. You can score a small discount if you book with Klook ahead of time.

✅ get discounted TICKETS HERE!

There is also a less expensive option: taking the public bus. but it takes a lot longer! If you’re interested, you can read about it here: MELBOURNE airport TO CITY CENTER!


Avalon airport (AVV) is located in the city of Geelong, roughly an hour away from Melbourne CBD. just like at Melbourne Airport, you can catch the SkyBus to the city center. However, it is NOT available 24 hours.

First trip: 9am

Last trip: 12 midnight

The bus passes through Werribee before reaching Melbourne. It terminates at southern cross Station.

Fare: A$24 one-way, A$46 round-trip.

Travel time: 1 hour.

You can book at the airport when you arrive but you can also book online in advancement for a small discount.

✅ get discounted TICKETS HERE!


Whether they’re coming from Melbourne airport or Avalon Airport, all SkyBus units bound for Melbourne CBD terminates at southern cross Station. If your hotel is nearby, you can just walk from the station. This is just one of the reasons why the southern cross area is the best place to stay in the city. just use Google Map to navigate.

If your hotel is located in other parts of the CBD, you have plenty of options too. If you’re arriving between 6:30am and 7:30pm, you can avail of the complimentary transfer from southern cross station to a stop near your hotel. This is FREE-OF-CHARGE for those who took the SkyBus. It operates 7 days a week, 06:30 to 19:30. You can find the stop closest to your hotel here.

If your hotel is closer to central Station, you can also travel by tram (free), train (fare: A$4.40), taxi (fare: around A$10.6), or Uber (around A$8.6) to central area.


If traveling within CBD, I choose walking. Melbourne is a very pretty city, with a distinct European vibe that other Australian cities don’t possess. You’ll also stumble upon delightful surprises like artful graffiti and food kiosks.

By Public Transportation

There are plenty of options to get around including trams, trains and buses. but how do you know which is the best

Canadians in Colombia – Experiencing a Football game in Medellín

Ask any type of Canadian about football (soccer), as well as a lot of likely, they won’t understand the policies of the sport, nor will they comply with any type of of the leagues. For a lot of of us, it’s hockey or nothing! When living in Canada, we never enjoyed football, however considering that travelling the world as well as living abroad in lots of different countries, we’ve satisfied so lots of people who absolutely like this game. It’s their religion, it’s in their blood.

When planning our trip to South America, we understood that we had to see at least one football match in this part of the world, a location where it’s football, or nothing. Colombia was our very first stop on the continent, as well as it seemed like a excellent location to go to our very first match. There are so lots of things to perform in Medellin, as well as this was by far the most fun we had!

I have to provide a significant thanks to fellow backpacker as well as Goats On The road follower, Yoon from Australia. He messaged us when we were in Medellín as well as invited us to see a football game that he had heard about. When we asked our hostel, they didn’t even understand that right here was a game that night! Thankfully, Yoon was on the sphere as well as he even went to the stadium early that morning to get tickets for us all.

Thanks Yoon!
We were staying at Maloka Hostel in El Poblado, as well as the stadium is found in Suramericana area. We hopped in a taxi ($4) as well as 20 minutes later we shown up at the Estadio Atanasio Girardot, a stadium that can hold 40,943 people.

Hoards of fans dressed in eco-friendly as well as white were drinking copious amounts of beer outside of the gates, while waving eco-friendly as well as white flags. They were rooting for the Atlético Nacional team, while the opposing Junior team from Barranquilla didn’t seem to have a single fan.

We scoured the large stadium to discover entrance 24, where we were satisfying Yoon. The stadium is huge, so discovering the entrance was no little task. Luckily, we were dropped off around entrance 13 by the taxi, as well as only had to walk a short bit.

We greeted Yoon as well as got our tickets. We were in the Oriental Alta area, which was an upper area next to the hardcore fans, yet far sufficient away to not get trampled on.

This is where we were sitting – exceptional seats!
The line as much as get into the stadium was massive. as well as in fact, a cop came over as well as told all of the women to switch to one more line-up. So, there I was, miles behind Yoon as well as Nick whose line was moving extremely fast. It’s always like that with women, line-ups for the shower room are always horrendous, as well as since every woman was bring a purse, it took additional time to browse them at the stadium.

Police dogs sniffed everybody in line, 5 authorities on horses trotted up as well as down the line to keep the peace, as well as vendors ran up as well as down selling football paraphernalia, ponchos as well as “other” items.

After rather the “feel up” from the female guard, I reunited with the people as well as we made our method into the stadium. There was a sense of enjoyment in the air! We ultimately discovered our section as well as began trying to find our seat numbers, before being told that there aren’t any type of numbers, it’s very first come, very first served.

Thankfully we shown up early as well as were able to select exceptional seats with amazing views over the field.

Our seats were great…but look at those ominous clouds!
It was pouring rain earlier in the day as well as ominous clouds hung over the open air arena. We wiped off our seats with the towels we brought as well as eagerly waited for the match to commence. As hockey fans, a game isn’t a game without having plastic cups of mediocre draft beer in hand. So when the vendors came around yelling out “cerveza!!!”, we bought up some drinks.

Thankfully the vendors were selling ponchos for $1! The rain came for about 20 minutes before passing.
We’ve had some less than suitable draft beers at Calgary Flames games in Canada, however these beers took it to a whole new level. After sipping on the flavourless beverage and not feeling any type of impacts except having to pee, we discovered out that there was no alcohol in the drinks! This seemed very odd to us, however as the game started, we soon realized that there was a reason for this.

Directly to our left on the south side of the stadium is where all of the hardcore, intense fans “sit”. Although, not a single person in that entire area sat at any type of point in the match. This is the section to be in if you want to jump, charge, scream, sing, smoke, fight as well as normally have an legendary time.

We were close sufficient to the fans to experience the craziness, however far sufficient away to take pleasure in the game

As this was our very first football experience, we were encouraged to sit near to this action, however not directly in it.

The game hadn’t even started as well as the entire south section was chanting as well as being extremely rowdy. Flags were waved as well as drums were beat – this didn’t stop for the whole match.

What truly blew my mind was the truth that there was a very low railing, as well as yet, all of the screaming fans were leaning waaaay over while holding onto a eco-friendly sash that was connected to the top of the bleachers. This material was the only thing stopping them from toppling down to the lower level.

It was mayhem, as well as we liked it! inspect out our online video from before the game even started – the energy from the crowd was incredible.

Once the match started the intensity of the fans never let up. Now, we don’t understand if these teams were good in terms of their skills, however in our opinion, it was a excellent match. It was upbeat, there were 3 goals, as well as great deals of flags on the field.

We really ended up truly getting into the game also – it’s impossible not to when you’re surrounded by such passionate Colombian fans!

At one point, all of us had to pick up a piece of plastic that was under our seat as well as hold it up above our heads, this made the entire stadium striped with white on top as well as eco-friendly on the bottom – the colours of the Atlético Nacional team.

We sang together with a few of the Spanish chants, we applauded as well as high-fived when the Atlético Nacional team scored as well as we cursed as well as boo’d the Junior team. We didn’t see any type of other foreigners there, however I’m sure there were a few among the crowd.

At the end of 2’ish hours, the Atlético Nacional team from Medellín came out on top, which is a great thing otherwise there a lot of likely would have been brawls as well as fights (even if the house team wins, there can be altercations). Our Colombian good friend encouraged us to leave the stadium as soon as the match was over to prevent being in the middle of a fight. as well as actually, just recently a fan was thrown off the top bleacher! Oh ya, things can get a bit crazy here.

Which brings me back to the truth that non-alcoholic beer is sold. Can you envision these emotional fans being drunk out of their minds?! It would be anarchy. great deals of people try to sneak in booze as well as drugs, as well as I’m sure lots of are successful in doing so, however the browse at the entrance is quite complete which is most likely a great thing.

As we exited the stadium with the delighted fans, we stopped off at one of the bit bars outside with plastic chairs as well as tables as well as took pleasure in a genuine beer to celebrate the victory.

Cheers to genuine beer!

This football match was our first, as well as I can guarantee you it won’t be our last. This was a highlight of our trip to Medellín. If you have a possibility to enjoy a football match in Colombia, get a ticket, it’ll be an experience you won’t forget.

Want more Medellín?! inspect out our Beginner’s guide to Backpacking Medellín.

Traveller ideas & Notes:

Tickets variety in cost depending upon where you sit. costs variety from 11,000 – 100,000 pesos ($3.50 – $31.60). In Oriental Alta, we spent 34,000 pesos ($10.75) per ticket.

Buy your tickets in the morning at the stadium.

To get to the stadium, you can take a taxi, or the metroline. get off at the Estadio stop. Tickets for the metro expense 2,150 pesos ($0.68) each. Where we stayed in El Poblado, it was a 15 minute walk to the metroline, as well as we would have to switch lines, then walk a bit bit to the entrance. A taxi for $4 for 2 people was a excellent deal. If you have 4 people, it’s an even much better deal!

Arrive 2 hours early for the match because of the searches.

At the stadium, non-alcoholic beer is served, also as chips, popcorn, hotdogs, sandwiches as well as plastic ponchos for when it rains (and it did for us).

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Updated 2022! BORACAY travel demands + exactly how to see

Last updated: 2022 • 2 • 3

Boracay is one of the very first destinations to re-open to tourists because the COVID-19 pandemic brought the tourism market to a standstill. However, health and wellness as well as security protocols are still in place. The regional government units (LGUs) strictly execute these policies as well as need tourists to submit required files prior to their trip.

We were able to see Boracay a few times because the pandemic started as well as in this post, we’re documenting the process that we went with on our many recent visit. Here’s a step by step guide on what you requirement to do before your trip. note that these travel protocols may change, so make sure to inspect for updates with the regional government for great measure.

If you requirement a much more visual Boracay guide, view this video:


1. total the Boracay travel Requirements.
2. achieve the on the internet health and wellness statement Card (OHDC).
3. submit a copy of the requirements.
4. save your QR Code.
5. inspect for updates from the validators.
List of certified Boracay hotels & Resorts
List of certified testing Centers
Frequently Asked concerns (FAQs)I plan on prolonging my stay in Boracay. What to do?
When submitting requirements, I get an error stating “Size Validation Failed”. What to do?
I get an error “Extension Validation Failed”. What to do?
I didn’t get a QR Code. What to do?
I still have problems about the OHDC QR Code. exactly how to get in touch with them?

More suggestions on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️Related Posts:

1. total the Boracay travel Requirements.

Before we go to the specifics of each requirement, here’s a quick summary of the travel demands for non-Aklanon TOURISTS going to Boracay.

Take a great look at it so you understand which ones you requirement to prioritize. In the pre-pandemic world, flights typically get taken care of first. however it may not always be the wisest method to go these days.

For Vaccinated Tourists: proof of Vaccination. This can be any type of of the following:
– VaxcertPH certification
– locally-issued vaccination card with get in touch with details of vaccination center
– worldwide accreditation of Vaccination as well as Prophylaxis (ICV) from WHO
– vaccination card or certificate issued abroad

For Unvaccinated or partially Vaccinated Tourists: unfavorable RT-PCR test. should be taken within 72 hours prior to departure. RT-PCR tests should be done by any type of of the certified laboratories. You can discover the listing of certified labs here.

For kids 12 years old or under: Certificate of Undertaking. Here’s a template.

Confirmed hotel or resort booking on the island. Make sure that you book a hotel with Certificate of Authority to Operate/Provisional Certificate of Authority to operate from the department of Tourism. You can inspect the listing of hotels here: listing OF OPERATIONAL hotels IN BORACAY.

Roundtrip transportation details

Valid ID (for regional tourists) or passport (for foreign tourists)

Online health and wellness statement Card (OHDC). You will be accomplishing this on the internet at traveler Boracay website.

Tourist QR Code as well as copy of your health and wellness statement Card. These will be sent to your e-mail if the processing is successful. print or keep a digital copy of your traveler QR Code as well as keep it with you whatsoever times when you are in the island.

You may likewise want to get an S-Pass travel Coordination permit (TCP). It is NOT a demand when getting a traveler QR Code however airports or airlines may request this so the provincial government of Aklan suggests protecting one for easier, problem-free journey. To apply for a TCP, go to or see this S-Pass tutorial page for much more info.

For tourists coming from Western Visayas: likewise submit the following:

If driving personal vehicle, picture of the car plate

If taking public transportation, accomplished Certificate of Undertaking. design template here.

2. achieve the on the internet health and wellness statement Card (OHDC).

Go to as well as click Boracay on the homepage.

Fill out the type with all the needed details as well as click Submit.

The type will ask you for information on your health, accommodations, as well as itinerary.

You’ll likewise be asked to submit the requirements. much more information in the next section.

3. submit a copy of the requirements.

At the bottom of the exact same OHDC page, you’ll discover a section for submitting of the needed documents.

(Previously, the submission of demands was done through email. In our case, we had to email to as well as utilize the subject OHDC-Family Name, very first Name. For example: OHDC-CARLOS-VINS. however it has because been integrated in the OHDC form.)

Here are the files you requirement to upload:

Only JPG, PNG as well as PDF datasmaller than 2 MB are allowed. If your data is bigger, you requirement to resize it first.

Make sure to send only valid documents. keep in mind that falsification of files is punishable by law.

Enter the CAPTCHA code as well as click SUBMIT.

4. save your QR Code.

After submission of the requirements, the next page will present your distinct OHDC QR code.

You may click the preview as well as download button to keep a copy of your QR code. You may print or take a screenshot of it.

Keep this QR Code with you whatsoever times when traveling to as well as around the island. You’ll be providing it at different points including the ports of entry as well as exit. In our experience, they inspect for the HDC as well as QR code as early as flight terminal inspect in. They likewise requested them at the gate, upon boarding.

If for whatever reason you didn’t get an OHDC QR code or you failed to save it, you should begin a new application.

5. inspect for updates from the validators.

While the OHDC QR code is produced automatically, your files will still go with a handbook validation process to inspect if they are all authentic as well as complete. If the validators have any type of issue with your submission, they will try to reach you through phone call, SMS or email.

If you’re asked to submit extra documents, you should comply by sending an email to with the subject complying with this format: COMPLIANCE-LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME-DATEOFTRAVEL.

List of certified Boracay hotels & Resorts

The department of tourism (DOT) region VI has a listing of hotels as well as resorts with a Certificate of Authority to operate (CAO) or a Provisional Certificate of Authority to operate (PCAO). right here are just a few of the hotels on their list.

Levantin Boracay Resort
Bolabog Beach, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island
Check rates & Photos! ✅

Le Soleil D’Boracay Resort
Station 2, Brgy. Balabag
Check rates & Photos! ✅

Dakong Amihan Home
Station 2, zone 7, Sitio Manggayad, Brgy. Balabag
Check rates & Photos! ✅

Sur beach Resort
Station 1, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island
Check rates & Photos! ✅

Crimson resort & health spa Boracay
Punta Bunga, Brgy. Yapak
Check rates & Photos! ✅

Frendz Boracay Hostel
Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island
Check rates & Photos! ✅

SEE full listing OF certified BORACAY hotels as well as RESORTS!

List of certified testing Centers

If you’re needed to present a unfavorable test result, right here are just a few licensed testing laboratories that you may book on the internet through Klook.

Singapore Diagnostic, Makati
Check rates & Availability! ✅

Safeguard DNA Diagnostic, Mandaluyong
Check rates & Availability! ✅

Manila Healthtek Inc., Marikina Branch
Check rates & Availability! ✅

Philippine flight terminal Diagnostic Laboratory, Pasay
Check rates & Availability! ✅

Kairos Diagnostics Laboratory, Quezon City
Check rates & Availability! ✅

Be risk-free MD Inc., Quezon City Branch
Check rates & Availability! ✅

There are lots much more certified COVID-19 testing laboratories throughout the country.

SEE full listing OF certified testing CENTERS!

Frequently Asked concerns (FAQs)

I plan on prolonging my stay in Boracay. What to do?

Your traveler QR Code will expire 12 hours from your lodging checkout time. If you plan to prolong your stay, send an email with a new booking slip to You should do this before your original checkout time.

When submitting requirements, I get an error stating “Size Validation Failed”. What to do?

This implies your data are bigger than 2MB, so you requirement to resize them first. Here’s exactly how to resize files.

I get an error “Extension Validation Failed”. What to do?

The system accepts JPG (JPEG), PNG as well as PDF files. If your data isn’t any type of of those, you have to convert them first.

I didn’t get a QR Code. What to do?

If after your submission, the system failed to produce a QR code or if you failed to save it, you ought to fill out the type once again as well as begin a new application.

I still have problems about the OHDC QR Code. exactly how to get in touch with them?

For any type of problems about OHDC, you may get in touch with them with any type of of the complying with channels:

Email addresses:

Travel information Aklan support center Mobile Numbers:

Additional words by: Mariah Cruz

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