How to get to Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur by Sleeper Train as well as Ferry – Malaysia

The overnight sleeper train to Langkawi from the funding is set to leave at 9:20 pm as well as show up at Arau Station, the stop closest Langkawi, at 8:00am. I’m sure there are other methods to do this however this is exactly how I did it so this is what I’m sharing. So right here it is — a in-depth guide on exactly how to reach Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur flight terminal by overnight sleeper train.

First things first: It would be finest to book in development particularly during height season. If not, well, you can always take your possibilities at KL Sentral.

1. At the airport, take the bus to KL Sentral (RM8).

2. Take the Senandung Langkawi train to Hat Yai, Thailand. Arau station is your stop, the third to the last stop. A second-class upper berth costs (RM34). Again, it leaves at 9:20 pm. If whatever goes as expected, it will reach Arau station at 8am the next day.

The train may be old however the interiors are quite as well as neat. My bed was covered in fresh white sheet as well as there was no nasty odor inside. (The typical restroom is one more story though, however it is nothing that cannot be tolerated.)

Important! DO NOT OVERSLEEP. You may miss your stop!

Inside the overnight sleeper train to Langkawi

3. At the Arau Station, take a short cab trip (RM24) to Kuala Perlis.

4. catch a ferry to Kuah terminal on Langkawi Island. A ferry leaves Kuala Perlis for Langkawi every hour from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm. right here are the routine as well as costs as of August 2013.

Courtesy of
Kuala Perlis Jetty
Our ferry!
Kuah Jetty (Kuah Ferry Terminal)
5. exit Kuah terminal as well as take a cab to your hotel. Cab trip costs RM 25.

Enjoy Langkawi!

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5 Drunken Decisions That altered Our Lives

a lot of people would suggest that you don’t make huge life decisions while under the influence of alcohol, however in our experience, this just isn’t the case! a few of our finest (and a lot of life-altering) decisions have come while we were heavily into our much-loved red wine, or deep into our 3rd round of cocktails.

Here are 5 decisions we made while somewhat intoxicated which eventually altered our lives forever.

1. “Let’s Leave Canada For Good”

After our very first backpacking trip around Southeast Asia, we returned to Canada with the intent of saving sufficient money for one more world trip. So the concept of travel was originally there, however after living at house for a few months the concept of “investments” as well as “buying homes” slowly crept back into our minds.

Goodbye snow!
We ultimately started thinking about investing in residential property in Brazil. We figured we would have a great chunk of change in the bank by the time we were arranged to go travelling, but everyone was speaking about Brazil being a “BRIC Economy” as well as the best location to buy property.

Our focus left travel as well as went towards the dream of when once again having a house. Of course, this time around the intent was to flip the home to make great deals of money to spend on travel, however still, it would have delayed our travel dreams for at least 2 years.

Luckily, one fateful night in our rental apartment or condo in Calgary, we made a decision to make some lime daiquiris. The very first went down nicely and the conversation began with our dream residential property in Brazil, however as the wonderful nectar made its method into our bloodstream as well as started to impact the synapses in our cerebral cortex (I made that up), our conversation counted on travel.

By the third daiquiri, the concept of getting residential property in Brazil went totally out the window as well as we were back to speaking about travel. We made a decision that if we gotten a residential property in Brazil, we’d be when once again connected down, as well as would have to work for 2 a lot more years, which might potentially destroy our dreams of world exploration for good.

The map was back out as well as we were planning travel again!

That night, we not only ditched the home-buying plan, however we bumped up our departure date from our original trip plan by three months.

The next morning we woke up with headaches as well as a new lease on life. The plan stuck however, as well as about a month later we were on a airplane heading out on our second world trip.

This trip ultimately led to us starting a travel blog which has now earned us far a lot more than the very best residential property investment in Brazil ever might have.

2. “We requirement To style This Blog”

Okay so the original concept of starting this blog was made while totally sober (boring), however the actual focus, niche and design of our original web site was made a decision over a few beers.

We were travelling in the Philippines at the time as well as while we had already gotten our domain as well as moved over a few of our articles from a complimentary blog account, we hadn’t truly done much else with the site.

We made a decision to take our computers to a bit cafe in the village of El Nido on Palawan Island. As the sun dipped in the sky, the cool bit cafe with respectable wi-fi, turned into a bumping bar with discounted San Miguel beer. Why not? We thought. Couldn’t hurt.

Three (or six) $2 beers later as well as our entire web site was laid out on post-it notes in front of us. We made a decision exactly how the menu would look, what parts of the blog we would focus on as well as what the style of the site would be (at that time, budget plan backpacking).

Again the buzz used off overnight, however again, the concepts stuck. I utilized those post-it notes (and a few hundred Google searches as well as YouTube tutorials) to produce the site as we had organized it to be that night.

3. “We’re going to Cuba!”

While we were living on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala for 2 months, our feet were getting a bit itchy. One night – it just so occurred – we were getting a bit thirsty as well. The two ailments integrated as well as were treated in a matter of hours.

After a few glasses of tasty red wine, we made a decision that we should travel to Cuba before it was “too late”. A believed that lots of had before us, as well as millions had after. At one point, we nearly invited our travel insurance coverage broker to find with us on the trip. In hindsight that wasn’t the very best idea, however the plan to go to Cuba was!

Even though we had paid for our apartment or condo on the lake for one more month, we left after just 2 weeks of planning.

We had the time of our lives in the country as well as while Cuba is by no indicates “ruined” or “tainted” to this day, it is already extremely different from when we went. perhaps it didn’t “change our lives”, however we would have never been able to see Cuba as we did had we not gone on that trip.

We couldn’t be happier that we made a decision to fracture that second bottle of white wine that night.

4. “Let’s Camp on a Deserted Island”

We had spent time on deserted islands in Mozambique just months before, however we had 3 locals with us. costs a couple of days on a deserted island with nobody to catch food for us, or to assist us out if anything went wrong was something we had never done.

It was one more afternoon in El Nido, just a few days after the blog’n’beer night. We satisfied a couple from the UK as well as for some reason, we decided to drink a great deal of regional Tanduay rum together.

After about an hour, we were that frustrating table that everybody really hoped would shut-up. Dariece as well as I are normally the ones rolling our eyes at people like that, so we’re a bit embarrassed to believe back as well as recognize exactly how loud we were being at this charming beach restaurant!

Anyways, as the moon came out as well as the rest of the people cleared from their tables, we remained… ultimately closing down the location as well as moving to the sand. It was there on the beach next to an empty bottle of rum, that we hatched a dazzling idea.

We were going to hire a fisherman to take us to one of the deserted islands in the sea, decrease us off as well as leave us there for 1 night, 2 full days.

Luckily we didn’t plan to go that night (although the concept did float around). We sensibly made a decision to sleep on it as well as see if we were still keen in the morning.

Again we woke up with a hangover, however again, the dream was still alive. We satisfied up with our good friends that morning, bought some provisions, discovered a boat to take us as well as the next morning we were standing on a beach on an uninhabited island!

We connected knives to sticks as well as tried spear fishing. Failed. We tried to light a terminate by scrubing sticks. Failed. We even tried to make a bit shelter. Failed. generally by night autumn we were eating spaghetti as well as chatting by a terminate that we started with newspaper as well as a lighter.

It was still a blast as well as we will never fail to remember that fantastic night with a couple of people that we had only understood for 24 hours prior to the adventure.

This had always been a significant container listing product for me, so scratching it off my listing did modification my life as well as provided me a higher respect for nature as well as made me recognize exactly how horrible I would be at surviving on a remote island if it ever pertained to that.

Click right here to checked out a lot more about that story.

5. “We must begin home Sitting”

Okay so perhaps you’re believing that we’re alcoholics by now, however this time around we only had a couple of beers, I swear! We had just shown up in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, as well as during our trip with central Asia, this was one of the few times we even saw alcohol (so perhaps we were additional prone to its effects).

The Table Where We set Up Our home sitting Account

We satisfied up with a person from Japan as well as he gotten us a few beers. We sat at our guest home for a couple of hours with him as well as chatted about travel as well as his house in Tokyo (we are still in get in touch with with him to this day). After he left, Dariece as well as I made a decision to set up our very first home sitting account.

We subscribed at, put in some photos, produced our profile as well as voila! We were prepared to get our very first job. just a month later we had a message from Julia in Grenada requesting that we come take care of her “divine spare Dog” in the Caribbean.

Spare Dog

This was the dream job! A lovely house on the beach with a furry bit friend. We got that task as well as the world of home sitting as well as living in Grenada genuinely did modification our lives drastically.

This is where our blog went from a side-income to a full-time career. This is wherewe realized our like for slower travel, which eventually indicates that we create friendships with local people as well as discover a lot more about the culture as well as customs of a place.

We’ve considering that pet sat in Costa Rica as well as Barbados as well as we’ve returned to Grenada three times. We really refer to this island as our house base. We’ve likewise rented apartments in Mexico, Guatemala as well as Malta. home sitting as well as sluggish travel is the method to go!

In Conclusion

We must drink more! But in all seriousness, it seems that our best, a lot of spontaneous decisions are always made after a sip of the sauce. While some people may frown at the style of this post, we believe that they would agree with it 100% if they were drunk while reading it.

There have been lots of a lot more excellent decisions that we’ve made over a glass of red wine, however they didn’t qualify as “life changing” as these 5 did. If you’re ever in question about a major life decision, have a glass of wine, kick back as well as hash it out with a friend. If you get up sober as well as still believe it’s a great idea, then you can say thanks to the hootch for assisting you with your conundrum.

Have you ever made a decision while drinking? Did it turn out well or horribly bad? tell us in the comments below.

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7 DOs & DON’Ts this Christmas + Diskarte suggestions to comply with Instead!

Christmas is just around the corner! Aren’t you excited? however although this may be the merriest time of the year, admit it: It’s likewise the most exhausting! The holiday cheers include a great deal of tension — from the craziness of Christmas buying to all the dizzying expenses.

But this Christmas is going to be a great deal much more stressful. With the risk of the pandemic still looming overhead, we have much more policies to follow, much more precautions to take, as well as much more eventually much more worries! The past year has been additional difficult for many of us – physically, emotionally, as well as financially. This implies we requirement to be much more ma-diskarte when it concerns our typical traditions like Christmas shopping, gift-giving, as well as Noche Buena!

Although there will be fewer celebrations as well as less physical contact, you can still make this Christmas Masaya by avoiding these typical errors as well as complying with our suggested diskarte suggestions instead!

1. DO get updated with the new pandemic guidelines as well as requirements.

These are remarkable times, as well as the guidelines modification quickly. situation in point, it was just just recently revealed that it is mandatory to wear both a deal with mask as well as a deal with shield when going out of your home. To prevent any type of trouble, make sure you understand the most recent policies.

And if you’re like us whose household is in the province, you’re most likely going to spend December trying to surface whatever early so you might join millions of travelers rushing to go house to the people we like in time. However, because of the pandemic, we are now living in a totally different world. A great deal of things have altered since of health and wellness as well as security issues as well as strict protocols are still in place.

What we suggest: If you’re going back to your province for Christmas, it is finest to inspect the updated protocols as well as demands for travel of your origin as well as destination as this varies per city or municipality.

Another thing you ought to inspect is the new routines for public transportation as well as their guidelines for passengers including advanced bookings. If you will be traveling by air, airlines have different guidelines as well.

That said, the smart thing to do is to stay put. If you can, stay house not just to safeguard yourself however likewise the people we love.

2. DO purchase in bulk when you can.

If you purchase things paisa-isa, possibilities are you’ll have to go out much more often to purchase more, which is not motivated in these remarkable times. You likewise end up costs much much more since these bit purchases add up!

What we suggest: purchase in bulk, as this can decrease the number of times you go out as well as reduce get in touch with with other people. This is essential these days particularly if you’re living with susceptible individuals.

Another advantage of purchasing in bulk is that it’s less expensive in the long run. during Christmas season, one more thing you can avail are bundle promotions as well as freebies. You’ll discover these in grocery aisles as well as areas near the counter so it’s simple to spot.

For example, Maggi Magic Sarap provides a Christmas value Pack. If you purchase a 14×3 pack (42 pieces), you’ll get a totally free 200g tomato sauce. You’ll proabably requirement both of these products this season so this freebies can add as much as huge savings. This promotion is offered in supermarkets, Shopee, as well as Lazada.

If you’re believing you don’t requirement that much, don’t concern since you can store them for a long time. If you truly don’t requirement that much, you can team up with good friends or neighbors particularly if you’re buying online. This method you likewise split the shipment fee.

3. DON’T be scared to try something new.

A great deal of us typically opt for what’s familiar, particularly with food. We comply with recipes the method our parents or grandparents taught us since it brings nostalgia. however trying out something new isn’t a poor thing. In fact, trying new things opens up possibilities for new trends. like exactly how the ube cheese pandesal as well as sushi bake was all everybody was raving about the past few months.

What we suggest: This holiday season, you can try new recipes or new components to prepare dishes that you love. This might switch things up a bit or be great for your budget plan particularly with components that combines different flavors.

Recently, we cooked pork humba as well as Korean beef stew on separate occasions. just for a modification (and since I didn’t have much time preparing a great deal of ingredients), I chose to utilize Maggi ultimate Sarap instead of soy suace. It is an all-in-one cooking sauce that has the flavors of soy sauce, oyster sauce, meat, as well as spice.

WOW! We were truly amazed since it added depth to the flavor. They still taste precisely like the conventional versions however we spent much less money, time as well as effort preparing them.

4. DO take advantage of innovation

Too hectic to do tasks outside? If you requirement to shop for a gift or pay expenses however you just can’t discover the time, you can hire somebody to do tasks through on-demand service apps like MyKuya. You can likewise book a service for other tasks that you requirement to get done.

With the pandemic still a concern, numerous are still not positive sufficient to go outside as well as do face-to-face meetups. Some may be wondering exactly how would we do Christmas celebrations now? exactly how do we celebrate together even if we’re apart?

No requirement to concern since with the innovation nowadays, practically whatever can be done online. during quarantine, online celebrations or e-numan have ended up being a thing with the utilize of online satisfying platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Facetime, Skype, as well as others. You can do the exact same thing for your Christmas Parties! just set a date for a group video phone call as well as everybody to cook something at house as well as have their dishes provided to other members. You can utilize shipment apps like Grab, Lalamove, MrSpeedy, as well as Angkas to send the dishes out so you won’t have to shipment it yourself.

Another Filipino custom during Christmas season, Monito-Monita or trick Santa can likewise be done practically by utilizing a software application or app. You can try Elfster, a totally free service that randomly pairs members for exchange gifts.

5. DO reduce food waste.

One of the drawback of preparing a great deal of food during the Christmas season is the amount of food squander it produces. Sometimes, no matter exactly how much we transform our left overs to one more dish, it’s still as well much food for our family. If you have excess components from purchasing in bulk or you prepared much more food than your household can consume, you can do two things so they don’t end up as food waste.

What we suggest: First, you can offer it. Some people don’t have the time or skills to prepare food so ordering home-cooked dishes is ideal. These days, it’s simpler to market products as well as services with the assist of digital platforms like Facebook Marketplace. This way, you can make additional for the holidays.

Another thing you can do is to donate food. This year has been the worst for many. numerous markets are having a hard time as well as a great deal of people have lost their jobs. numerous were impacted by the pandemic, hit by the typhoon, volcano or all of it. If you have excess food, you can always provide them to those in requirement in your area. You won’t only prevent food waste, however likewise assist others as well as make their Christmas Masaya for them.

6. DO reuse as well as recycle.

One thing a great deal of us is most likely guilty of is always purchasing new designs or Christmas displays. however reusing old decors is not a poor idea. You can look for samples as well as suggestions on the internet for motivation as well as embellishing hacks.

While searching for things to recycle, you can likewise declutter. many of us typically do a general cleaning of our home best before the holidays, as well as this is an chance to neat up as well as totally free some space. As Marie Kondo said, get rid of things that no longer stimulate joy, however instead of throwing them out, you can provide them away as gifts. You can upcycle a few of the things you have as well as produce a customized gift for special people in your life.

7. DON’T disregard promotions as well as vouchers.

You’ve most likely seen huge promotions of on the internet buying apps before, as well as if you haven’t shopped anything during the past sales, it is time to take advantage of the upcoming 12.12 promotions for your Christmas shopping.

Now that going to shopping centers to shop is not advisable, on the internet buying is the method to go. expect different e-commerce apps like Lazada, Shopee, Grab, Lala, as well as others to have their own versions of the 12.12 Sale.

What we suggest: view out for discounts, promotions as well as vouchers you can utilize to save as much as you can. as well as since products might offer out fast, prevent last minute buying as much as possible. begin adding the products you want to purchase to your cart before December 12 so you can inspect out as soon as the clock hits 12 midnight.

Always keep in mind that the very best method to celebrate Christmas is with household – be it physically or virtually. Whether you’re sharing Noche Buena together or just viewing a Netflix film apart, what matters in these remarkable times is we stay safe, we stay open, as well as we keep one one more in our hearts.

2020 • 12 • 11

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2Go introduces new Vessel: MV 2GO MALIGAYA


Posted: 2/12/2022 | February 12th, 2022

This publish has been in the works for the last six years. I’d compose it, delete it, compose it when more, only to delete it again.

There just never seemed a best time to hit publish. As it so commonly does, life got in the way, destinations got backpacked, company got busy, and, eventually, COVID came as well as blew a hole in my plan.

The years went by in the blink of an eye as well as I was no better to making my goal a reality.

And that goal? To stop blogging.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like what I do. I like travel. I like this website. I like the neighborhood we have right here as well as that we’re expanding The Nomadic Network. I like the trainees we assist with FLYTE. And, as aggravating as it is sometimes, I like putting together TravelCon.

I like working in travel as well as I plan to continue to do so…just in different ways.

I’ve been running this site because 2008 as well as have written over 1,400 articles. That’s approximately three million words.

Add in 300 destination guides as well as two books (one with three editions) as well as that’s a great deal of composing on travel.

In all that writing, I’ve laid out quite clearly exactly how I feel about travel as well as what it can do for you. I frankly just don’t have much much more to state on the subject. I feel I stopped truly adding any type of new thoughts to the nature of travel years back as well as that commonly I’m just rehashing topics I’ve talked about already.

And, as I wrote in a blog publish a few years ago, the basics of travel don’t truly modification that much over time. Sure, apps, websites, as well as services come as well as go, however the fundamental why as well as exactly how (travel like exactly how locals live) stay the same.

Fourteen years after I started blogging from my living room, I’ve likewise changed. I like high-end restaurants as much as I like food trucks as well as street food. I’d commonly rather stay in a good hotel with a comfortable bed than a hostel (I don’t sleep in addition to I utilized to as well as it’s much more productive for work).

Sure, I still bring a backpack, as well as in some cases I yearn to satisfy other travelers as well as so will stay in a hostel. however I don’t do it as much as before. And, as a result, I don’t have my ear to the ground for those hardcore budget plan travel suggestions as well as new apps the method I utilized to.

Last year, I’ve discovered balance in my life, as well as this year is going to be a continuation of that. Last month, I was approved for a mortgage, and, after this present trip to Mexico, I’m going back to Austin to purchase a house. A home I would like to stay in for much more than a few days at a time.

At the beginning of the year, when the team as well as I had our annual goal-setting meeting, I gave them much more control over the website. They will be running the day-to-day operations, as well as Chris, our jack of all trades, is now our director of Content.

I want to work out down more, begin a garden, join social clubs in Austin, have much more regularity in my life, as well as just be on the relocation less. I want to travel much more intentionally, without always an eye toward “how can I blog about this.” I don’t want to take photos of menus anymore or go around to grocery stores looking up prices.

And I want to compose much more books as well as that requires much more focus as well as routine too. It’s difficult to compose a book when you’re always on the move.

In light of all this, I’m stepping back from blogging. moving forward, this site will ended up being much more of a resource as well as less a personal blog. That doesn’t imply I will never compose a blog again. I will still have stories to tell. They will just be a great deal less regular as well as much more sporadic. (Case in point: It is mid-February as well as this is the very first thing I’ve written all year.)

Moreover, now that the pandemic has stopped wrecking our finances, we’re going to bring in guest writers again, so there will be different voices that can talk much more to different elements of the road that I no longer can.

I’m sure as this blog changes, a few of you will relocation on. After fourteen years, you’ve most likely altered as well — as well as I get that. I mean, there are extremely few blogs I started reading in 2008 that I still checked out today.

But, as I believe of the next act in my expert career, “writing blog posts” is not truly something I want to do as much. I’m going to focus on other elements of travel — much more books, huge events, group tours, as well as neighborhood meet-ups — things that bring people together in genuine life as well as that take me out from behind the screen.

So, while we may not link right here as much, we’ll link in other ways. The truth that I satisfy people who have been reading the site because the beginning amazes aswell as humbles me to no end. I still can’t believe that I’ve been able to develop a profession around blogging about life on the road as well as sharing my suggestions as well as stories. I appreciate you all to no end.

But it’s time to relocation on to other endeavors. After so numerous years, the timing is lastly right.

P.S. – You’ll still be able to discover me on Instagram, Twitter, as well as Facebook as well as in our regular newsletter, which isn’t going anywhere.

Book Your Trip: Logistical suggestions as well as Tricks
Book Your Flight
Find a affordable flight by utilizing Skyscanner. It’s my preferred browse engine since it searches sites as well as airlines around the globe so you always understand no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
You can book your hostel with Hostelworld. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, utilize as they consistently return the most affordable rates for guesthouses as well as hotels.

Don’t fail to remember travel Insurance
Travel insurance coverage will safeguard you against illness, injury, theft, as well as cancellations. It’s extensive security in situation anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to utilize it numerous times in the past. My preferred business that offer the very best service as well as value are:

SafetyWing (best for everyone)

Insure My trip (for those over 70)

Medjet (for extra evacuation coverage)

Ready to book Your Trip?
Check out my resource page for the very best business to utilize when you travel. I listing all the ones I utilize when I travel. They are the very best in class as well as you can’t go wrong utilizing them on your trip.

Makati: top 10 budget hotels Under P2000 ($40)

Whenever friends from abroad traveling to Metro Manila for the first time ask for lodging recommendations, Makati is always on top of my list. It’s close to the airport and is not too far from Manila’s historical core. Its streets are lined with awesome dining selections, from fancy restaurants to weekend markets. Its mall strips make it a great shopping destination, too. and best of all, lots of lodging options, from hostels to luxury hotels.

If hostels are not for you and upscale suites are beyond what you can afford, then maybe a budget hotel is what you need.

We’ve rounded up the 10 best hotels under P2000 (USD 40) in Makati, as ranked by online users as of Feb 2017. note that (1) room rates vary depending on travel dates and availability, and (2) the published rates may not yet include taxes and service charge. There are links below each hotel photo where you can double check the final rate.


1. Hometown hotel Makati – EDSA
2. BR block boutique and Residences
3. Red planet Amorsolo
4. hotel Durban
5. Alejandra Hotel
6. Artina Suites Hotel
7. The Clipper Hotel
8. Gervasia hotel Makati
9. Lorenzzo Suites Hotel
10. Red planet Makati
Search for more: Makati Hotels

More ideas on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️Related Posts:

1. Hometown hotel Makati – EDSA

Location: 57 Edsa, Makati, Manila, Philippines, 1233
Double rooms from: P1581 (breakfast included)

Check rates & Availability

2. BR block boutique and Residences

Location: 1631 Penafrancia St., Santiago Village, Brgy. Valenzuela, Makati,
Double rooms from: P1700

Check rates & Availability

3. Red planet Amorsolo

Location: 99 urban Avenue, Brgy. Pio Del Pilar, Makati
Double/twin rooms from: P1762

Check rates & Availability

4. hotel Durban

Formerly Durban street Inn
Location: 4875 Durban Street, Makati
Economy double rooms from P1439

Check rates & Availability

5. Alejandra Hotel

Location: 5841 Zobel Roxas Avenue, Palanan Makati City, Makati
Studio rooms from: P1328

Check rates & Availability

6. Artina Suites Hotel

Location: 2863 E. Zobel Street, Poblacion, Makati
Double/Twin rooms from: P1770

Check rates & Availability

7. The Clipper Hotel

Location: 5766 Ebro Street, P. Burgos Poblacion , Makati
Double rooms from: P1752

Check rates & Availability

8. Gervasia hotel Makati

Location: 152 Gervasia corporate Center, Amorsolo St., Legazpi Village, Makati
Double rooms from: 1575

Check rates & Availability

9. Lorenzzo Suites Hotel

Location: 1803 Evangelista Street, Makati City
Double rooms from: P1392

Check rates & Availability

10. Red planet Makati

Location: Kalayaan Ave | E. Mercado Cor. F. Calderon Street, Makati
Double/Twin rooms from: P1795

Check rates & Availability

Search for more: Makati Hotels

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ • 2️⃣ • 1️⃣4️⃣

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Thanks to the generosity of our donors, FLYTE’s continued on with our mission, as well as we’re lastly starting to plan to send our next high institution class from Rosenwald Co…

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Posted: 8/26/21 | August 26th, 2021

First settled by the Dutch as “New Amsterdam” in 1624, the city came under English manage in 1664. The city was a major trading center thanks to its place at the mouth of the Hudson River. After the American Revolution, new York ended up being the seat of America’s power as well as government, officially ending up being the nation’s funding in 1789 when George Washington was sworn in.

While it’s no longer the nation’s funding (it transferred to Philadelphia the complying with year as well as then to Washington, DC in 1800), nyc is still the beating heart of the country.

Home to around 10 million people, nyc has tons of things to see as well as do. You can barely scratch the surface on a typical four- or five-day visit. (But, then again, I don’t believe even a four-month trip would be sufficient to see NYC! The city is constantly altering as well much.)

New York is impossible to “see” in one visit. This city is house to countless restaurants, numerous museums, attractions, plays, as well as quirky things to do. You just have to resign yourself to that fact, unless you move right here (and perhaps not even then), you’re only going to see a fraction of what you hope to see. It takes a while to get around town.

As a traveler, exactly how do you go to NYC? What are the very best things to see as well as do here? What is the very best itinerary for NYC? exactly how do you make the most of your time here?

There are methods to make the most of the restricted time travelers have in new York. You requirement at least three days to truly see the primary highlights (though a “quick hits” tour might be performed in a two-day nyc itinerary). However, I suggest 4-5 days to see the primary sights without rushing as well much.

Since I’ve written a guidebook to this city, lived there for over five years, run tours there, as well as explored as much as I might in quest of understanding the very best things to perform in NYC, I want to share the very best itinerary for new York City. This suggested itinerary can assist you organize your trip as well as ensure you make the most of your visit.

NOTE: If you do whatever on this itinerary, you’re going to be very, extremely busy. Don’t take this itinerary as a handbook however more like suggestions. If you want to pack it in, you can do it. However, don’t rush. Meander. The itinerary right here just groups things together to provide you a sense of exactly how days can be optimized however go at your own pace.

So, without further ado, right here is my suggested five-day new York itinerary featuring my preferred things to perform in the huge Apple:

Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Statue of Liberty, Trinity Church, world trade Center, & more!

Day 2: Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, Time Square, & more!

Day 3: central Park, museum of natural History, Broadway Show, & more!

Day 4: MoMA, Cloisters, Guggenheim, & more!

Day 5: High Line, empire specify Building, Tenement Museum, & more!


What to perform in NYC: Day 1

Take a walking Tour

Start your trip off with a walking tour. The city is house to lots of walking tour business (many of them free) offering tours in every niche possible. History, food, booze, TV/film — if you like it, possibilities are there is a tour revolving around it. walking tours offer a unique look at the city that never sleeps from a regional guide who can response any type of as well as all of your questions. I always take my buddies on at least one when they visit.

Three of my preferred walking tour business not to be missed are:

Take Walks

Free tours by Foot

Bowery boys Walks

Get Your guide likewise has a ton of walking tours (as well as food as well as museum tours) offered too. There’s something for each rate of interest as well as budget!

And for method more suggestions, inspect out my preferred nyc walking tours.

See the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island

Though the line for the ferry from Battery Park is long, if you get there early, you can prevent most of it. (Come late as well as you’ll have to wait a few hours.) The Statue of liberty is spectacular to see up close (she’s as huge as you imagine), however the genuine highlight of this combo is Ellis Island. This is where you can discover about the immigrant experience as well as get a sense of the people who assisted develop nyc (you’ll even discover my family’s name inscribed on the wall). There’s such a fantastic sense of history there that you can’t assist however be impressed.

Tip: If the line’s as well long as well as you don’t want to wait, take the free Staten Island ferry for pictures of the statue as well as harbor instead. You won’t get up close however it’s quicker as well as cheaper

Battery Park, +1 201 604 2800, Ferries operate from 9am–3:30pm. Tickets are $23.50 for the ferry, which includes gain access to the pedestal as well as Ellis Island’s fantastic Hall. Tickets (especially crown tickets) must be bought months in advance.

Explore Battery Park
Located on the southern tip of Manhattan, this park is where the Dutch developed Fort Amsterdam in 1625 to protect their settlement. The British took the area over in 1664 and, eventually, renamed it Fort George. While the fort was mainly destroyed during the American Revolution, the battery was broadened after the war’s end. You can roam around the fort as well as then stroll with the surrounding park as well as take in the gorgeous waterfront views of the harbor, the Statue of Liberty, as well as Ellis Island.

Visit wall Street

Take a picture with the famous charging bull statue (which was produced in 1989) as well as then walk to wall street as well as see where all those bankers destroyed the economy. There’s heavy security in the area, however you can sit as well as watch people whiz in as well as out of buildings on their method to cause some other monetary disaster.

If you want to discover about historic market accidents as well as take a deep dive into what makes a monetary dilemma occur, inspect out the monetary dilemma Tour. suggested by the BBC as well as the new York Times, it’s led by wall street insiders as well as will provide you first-hand understanding of what it’s like working on wall street as well as illuminate why monetary crises occur.

See federal Hall
One of the most overlooked museums in the city sits across the street from the NY stock exchange (NYSE). federal Hall, developed in 1700, is where George Washington took his oath of office (you can see the Holy bible he was sworn in on). It was the site of the us Customs home in the late 1700s as well as the very first capitol building of the US. though the original facade was rebuilt, it’s one of my preferred attractions in the area. I particularly like the old vaults. I extremely suggest you visit. Admission is free.

26 wall Street, monetary District, lower Manhattan, +1 212 825 6990, open Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm.

Tour the museum of American Finance

Down the street from NYSE as well as federal Hall is the museum of American Finance. Housed in a historic bank building on wall Street, it has long-term exhibits on the monetary markets, money, banking, entrepreneurship, as well as Alexander Hamilton (the creator of the us monetary system). If you want to comprehend the workings of what occurs on wall Street, this is a perfect location to start.

48 wall Street, monetary District, lower Manhattan, +1 212 908 4110, Tuesday–Saturday from 10am–4pm. Admission is

See Trinity Church

Built in 1698, the original Trinity Church was a little parish church built by the Church of England. When the British seized new York after George Washington’s retreat, it was utilized as a British base of operations. After the war, George Washington as well as Alexander Hamilton routinely worshipped here. The graveyard dates back to the 1700s as well as has many famous Americans there, including Hamilton as well as his spouse Elizabeth, Francis Lewis (signatory on the statement of Independence), John Alsop (Continental Congress delegate), Albert Gallatin (founder of NYU), as well as Horatio Gates (Continental army general).

74 Trinity Place, monetary District, lower Manhattan, +1 212 602 0800, open everyday from 7am–6pm.

Visit the world trade center & 9/11 Memorial and Museum

On September 11th, 2001, almost 3,000 people were killed in a series of terrorist attacks in nyc as well as elsewhere. go to the somber memorial (which is free) as well as then take in the view from the new “Freedom Tower.” On the elevator up, you can see photos of the historical advancement of the city as well as exactly how it’s altered over the years. To get a deeper comprehending of 9/11 as well as the events that unfolded, go to the museum. It’s house to moving exhibits that illuminate the range as well as significance of the tragedy.

180 Greenwich Street, monetary District, lower Manhattan, +1 212 266 5211, Memorial open everyday from 10am-5pm. museum open Thursday-Monday from 10am-5pm. The memorial is free to visit; museum entry is $26 USD. free entry Mondays from 3:30-5pm (tickets must be booked online).

DINNER OPTION: eat at Ellen’s Stardust Diner
Since 1987, this diner is house to an incredible waitstaff of singers as well as dancers. between tours as well as musical performances, actors as well as actresses wait tables at Ellen’s, where they belt out tunes as they serve you somewhat pricey, extremely American diner food (think shakes, burgers, as well as lasagna) in uniforms from the 1950s. It’s incredibly cheesy, which makes it incredibly fun!

1650 Broadway, Times Square, +1 212 956 5151.

Click right here to get my huge, detailed insider’s guidebook to nyc as well as plan your ultimate go to there!

What to perform in NYC: Day 2

See City Hall

New York’s City Hall is a fantastic piece ofhistoric design as well as has a gorgeous bit park that’s full of office workers during lunch (as well as a circular tablet about the site’s history). To discover about the building’s history, art, as well as architecture, take one of the tours. This way, you’ll be able to see the landmarked rotunda, city council chamber, Governor’s Room, as well as the City Hall portrait Collection.

City Hall Park. Pre-reserved tours are generally offered for groups (10–20 people) on Mondays as well as Tuesdays at 10:30am as well as for individuals on Thursdays at 10am. There are likewise first-come, first-served tours on Wednesdays at 12pm.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Right near City Hall (see below), the Brooklyn Bridge offers an simple 25-minute walk into Brooklyn and the waterfront park on the other side. Stopping to take pictures as well as meandering along the method will make the walk about 40 minutes. You get a great deal of wonderful views of downtown as you make your method across (and particularly from the park). I enjoy doing this walk at night when downtown Manhattan is all lit up. Otherwise, come early to beat the crowds.

Relax in prospect Park

Once you get out of Manhattan, you can check out Brooklyn’s version of central Park, which spans almost 600 acres. While you’re here, don’t miss the close-by Brooklyn Museum. spend the afternoon finding its vast collection of both historical as well as contemporary art as well as artifacts (there are over 1.5 million products in its collection). It has art exhibitions highlighting ancient Egypt, medieval Europe, colonial USA, as well as more. Tickets to the museum are $16 USD.

Wander Rockefeller Center
This area is always full of hustle as well as bustle. roam around Rockefeller center to see where they film The Today Show, shop, snack, as well as take the elevator to the “Top of the Rock” for one more bird’s-eye view of the city, which I personally believe is much better than the empire specify Building, since from the top of right here you can get that building in your photo too. (Tickets to the top of the rock are $38 USD).

Tour Radio City music Hall

Is there a more American movie theater than Radio City music Hall? This ageless testament to entertainment has captivated visitors since the 1930s (at the time, it was the largest auditorium in the world). It’s the house of the precision dance business The Rockettes, who have been performing right here since 1932. It’s likewise been the location for all type of award shows, including the Tonys as well as the Grammys.

Rockefeller Center, +1 212-465-6741, tours run everyday from 9:30am-5pm as well as expense $31 USD.

Play tourist at times Square

No matter when you go to Times Square, it will be packed with people (usually other tourists). There are pedestrian areas where you can sit as well as hang out. If you aren’t buying or eating or seeing a show, there isn’t much to perform in the area (and no new Yorker hangs out there), however it’s still a wonderful location to people-watch for a few minutes from the top of the red steps of the TKTS kiosk. try to find at night when it’s all lit up. That’s when it looks the best.

Click right here to get my huge, detailed insider’s guidebook to nyc as well as plan your ultimate go to there!

What to perform in NYC: Day 3

Stroll around central Park

The perfect method to relax in the city as well as leave the crowds behind is to spend the day in central Park. It’s free, there are great deals of paths to walk (or run), bike lanes, lakes to row in, as well as a zoo. since the park covers over 150 square blocks, it’s simple to spend hours wandering around. during the summertime months, there are frequently free shows as well as movie theater productions (line up early for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park). From the late spring to the early fall, there are free guided walks run by the parks service on Saturdays at 11am. I’m a huge fan of laying out in Sheep’s Meadow on a hot, sunny day with a book, some food, as well as a bottle of wine.

Several excellent museums can be discovered in or on the edges of central Park as well (see below).

Visit the The Metropolitan museum of Art

The satisfied is one of the biggest museums in the world, as well as if you only see one museum in new York, I suggest this one. It has a wide array of art, historical artifacts, photographs, as well as other exhibits. I like its expansive Impressionist as well as Greek exhibits. It’s chaotic as well as full of people, particularly on the weekend, however since it is so big, you can usually discover some peaceful areas away from the crowds. budget plan at least a half-day right here as a few hours won’t do this location justice.

1000 5th Avenue, central Park, upper east Side, +1 212 535

Parasailing in Boracay: 15 minutes of concern and fancy

My life was at the mercy of a single rope.

As the wind blew me away from the boat, I was briefly taken to my juvenile years, when all I did all weekend was run across a cleared field and fly a kite. but this time was different. This time, I was the kite.

It happened so fast. One moment I was seated at the back of the boat; the next, I was high up in the air. I barely remember what happened in between. one of the boatman securely strapped me to a harness attached to the parachute and explained the do’s and don’ts while at it. “You’ll be up there for 15 minutes,” he said. “If you want to go down before the time is up for whatever reason, just do this.” He raised an arm and drew imaginary circles with his elbow.

Not gonna happen, I thought. Fifteen minutes is a short time, a very short time if you’re having a blast.

He unspooled the rope, and the wind snatched us and carried us skyward. slowly the boat got smaller and a lot more quiet while I tried my darnedest to not show any emotion. There was something scary about the whole thing. Exciting, definitely, but there was a tiny bit of concern in knowing that all that was keeping me safe was this thin line. all of me was on this line. catastrophe was very unlikely, but there was no one there with me to blow away images of this rope snapping. chicken was what I was, a flying chicken.

Up, up and away!
Back to reality

It took me a couple a lot more minutes to pull myself together and start looking around. There I was, dozens of meters up in the air, staring down at one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Unfortunately, we were too far from the shore to have a good look, and it was too early for the sunset. It was a great view of Bulabog beach nonetheless.

The boat continued to drag the kite — me, the kite — across the sea. The longer I stayed in that altitude, the a lot more comfortable I got. Nerves had abandoned my body, leaving only a sense of achievement. It might not be such an accomplishment to some people, but it was a big deal for someone like me (read: coward). I was soaring like a bird, like a plane… and ideal on cue I looked up and realized that the chute displayed a Superman logo. Hell, yeah!

The feeling of invincibility began to grow in me when I observed the boat grow bigger with it. one of the boatmen wound the rope around the spool and I was pulled back to reality. My 15 minutes was up.

How to book parasailing in Boracay: visit the office of diamond Watersports at station 1 (just beside Milky’s Dive Center), or contact +63 36 288 6621 or +63 36 288 6681.

Rates: The normal rates during high season are P2500 for a solo ride, and P2000 per person for groups of 2-3. This can go substantially lower during off-peak season. I got mine for only P1000. It can still go lower, depending on your haggling skills.

More ideas on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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NAMI ISLAND travel guide with budget plan travel plan

It started with a drama series.

Like a lot of of us, I discovered about Nami Island when it was utilized as a setting for wintertime Sonata, a Korean drama that ended up being a phenomenal hit in lots of Oriental countries, adding a lot more fuel to the already unstoppable Korean wave that took the world by storm. however injecting one more Korean dose to worldwide pop culture wasn’t the only thing this charming flick has done. It has likewise stimulated rate of interest in Nami Island as a major vacationer destination, with the number of tourists skyrocketing from 270,000 in 2001 to over 650,000 in 2002 to over 3 million in 2014.

But what is Nami Island really? other than its lanes of metasequoia as well as ginkgo trees, what else awaits in this cinematic piece of paradise?


Understanding Nami Island
How to get to Nami Island from SeoulSeoul to Nami Island by Train
Seoul to Nami Island by Bus

Where to stay Near Nami IslandTop budget plan hotels in Seoul
Top Hostels in Seoul
Search for a lot more Seoul Hotels
Top hotels in Gapyeong (near Nami Island)

Sample Nami Island travel plan as well as Expenses
More ideas on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️Related Posts:

Understanding Nami Island

Although part of Chuncheon’s territory, Nami Island or Namiseom is a lot of quickly easily accessible from a wharf in Gapyeong County, its primary gateway as well as jump-off point.

Before it ended up being a lot of popular as a wintertime Sonata filming location, it is finest understood as the final resting location of general Nami, a questionable historical figure in the Joseon Dynasty. He increased to fame in the mid-1400s when he led a victorious campaign to crush a huge rebellion. At age 25, he was honored by King Sejo, who provided him a top setting in the government. however when King Sejo died, his successor falsely accused him of being a traitor, which led to his as well as his family’s execution. It wasn’t up until practically 400 years later when he was exonerated.

Winter Sonata in Nami Island
Walking around Nami Island
Tomb of general Nami
Nami Island covers an area of 430,000 square meters. This half-moon shaped island in the middle of the Han River was an practically barren patch of land with only a handful of chestnut trees. however when retired bank of Korea governor Minn Byeong-do bought the island in 1965, he reforested as well as transformed the island into the resort town that it is today. Over the past decades, it has held lots of events promoting art, culture, as well as environment-related causes.

Because of its proximity to Seoul, Nami Island quickly ended up being a prominent day excursion destination.

How to get to Nami Island from Seoul

Nami Island Ferry
There are lots of methods to reach Nami Island, however these are the most prominent options.

Seoul to Nami Island by Train

Travel by train to Gapyeong Station.

Walk or take a cab from the station to the ferry wharf.

At the wharf, purchase tickets to the island, which costs ₩13,000.

The 13,000-won charge already covers both the entrance charge as well as roundtrip ferry fare.

There utilized to be a discounted rate for foreigners, ₩8000 per person. however the rate boosted in January 2018 to ₩13,000.

Seoul to Nami Island by Bus

Reserve a bus seat by emailing or calling +82-2-753-1247. Roundtrip fare is ₩15,000.

Catch the shuttle bus in Insadong (near the West entrance of Tapgol Park) or Sungnyemun Square Bus stop in front of Namdaemun Market. Bus leaves at 9:30am. This will take you to the wharf in Gapyeong.

Board the ferry to Nami Island. entrance Fee: ₩13,000.

Where to stay Near Nami Island

There are no hotels in the island itself. The closest is Gapyeong, where the Nami Island ferry picks up passengers. In my personal opinion, however, someday is sufficient to experience a lot of of what Nami Island has to offer. Hence, if your primary destination is Seoul, you may want to go to Namiseom on a day trip. Whatever your decision is, below are the top budget plan hotels in Seoul as well as Gapyeong.

Winter in Nami Island

Top budget plan hotels in Seoul

Staz hotel Myeongdong II. inspect rates & Availability.

Makers Hotel. inspect rates & Availability.

GS hotel Jongno. inspect rates & Availability.

Youngbin Hotel. inspect rates & Availability.

Top Hostels in Seoul

YE4 Guesthouse. inspect rates & Availability.

Gateway Korea Guesthouse. inspect rates & Availability.

Brownie Guesthouse. inspect rates & Availability.

Hostel HARU. inspect rates & Availability.

Search for a lot more Seoul Hotels

Top hotels in Gapyeong (near Nami Island)

Egg home Namisum (Nami Island) Guesthouse – Hostel. inspect rates & Availability.

Iris Hotel. inspect rates & Availability.

Sample Nami Island travel plan as well as Expenses

If you’re checking out Nami Island on a day excursion as part of a bigger trip to Seoul, below is a sample 5-day/4-night travel plan with breakdown of expenses. This assumes the following:

You are a group of two.

You will be staying in a twin space at a hostel.

You will be utilizing a T-Money card (T-Card) in checking out Seoul.

Your meal allowance is restricted to only ₩5000 for breakfast as well as ₩15000 for lunch as well as dinner. It’s really as well much for me thinking about that you will discover a bowl of tasty bibimbap for only ₩5000. however I believe it’s much better to overestimate so let’s leave it at ₩15,000. I’m not a breakfast person, either. however fine, let’s still include breakfast for great measure.

Just make needed adjustments to fit your needs.

Nami Island Statue
Pre-trip expenses
Hotel booking – ₩116,000 (₩58,000 x 4 nights split by 2pax)

01:00pm – flight terminal to Jongno-3ga – ₩4150 + ₩1250
02:20pm – inspect in at hostel
03:00pm – Gyeongbokgung palace – ₩3000
06:30pm – Cheonggyecheon Stream
08:00pm – Gwangjang Market – ₩15,000 budget
10:30pm – Sleep!

08:00am – Wake up
09:00am – get hold of breakfast – ₩5000
09:30am – Bukchon Hanok Village
11:30am – Lunch – ₩15,000
01:00pm – Changdeokgung palace – ₩3000
06:00pm – train to Myeongdong – ₩1250
06:20pm – dinner – ₩15,000 budget
09:30pm – Back to Hotel

07:00am – Wake up
08:00am – get hold of breakfast – ₩5000
08:30am – train to Gapyeong station – ₩2250
10:00am – Taxi to ferry wharf – ₩3000
10:20am – purchase Nami ticket – ₩13,000
10:50pm – check out Nami Island
01:30pm – Lunch – ₩15,000 budget
02:30pm – continue checking out Nami Island
04:00pm – Ferry back
04:30pm – Taxi back to Gapyeong station – ₩3000
05:00pm – train back to city – ₩2250
06:30pm – dinner – ₩15,000 budget
09:00pm – Sleep

09:00am – Wake up
10:00am – Brunch + Insadong – ₩15,000 budget
01:00pm – train to Ewha Women’s university – ₩1250
01:30pm – Ewha Women’s University
02:30pm – train to Hongik university – ₩1250
02:45pm – Seoul technique Eye museum – ¥15,000
05:00pm – check out Hongdae
08:00pm – dinner – ₩15,000 budget
10:30pm – Back to hotel – ₩1250

Day 5: pack UP + DEPARTURE
Train back to flight terminal – ₩5400

This travel plan will expense you ₩292,000 (USD 256, EUR 226, SGD 355, PHP 13,700), excluding the airfare.

You can still bring down the expense by staying in a dorm (and there are fantastic choices in the city), skipping the technique Eye museum (it’s not truly special to Seoul), or cutting down on your food budget plan (Please don’t. Korean food is awesome!)

If you’re coming from Manila as well as you’re able to snag PHP7700 fare, the overall expense of this trip is PHP 21,400.

For my very first trip, I got my airplane tickets from a SEAT SALE as well as paid only PHP 6000, hehe. add the travel tax (which was being collected individually at the time) as well as the overall is quite much the same.

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ • 3️⃣ • 1️⃣8️⃣ – last update
2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ • 2️⃣ • 1️⃣8️⃣ – very first up

More ideas on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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How to start a profession as a travel blogger

When I was invited to speak at the world tourism Forum in Istanbul last year, I was asked to talk about this: how does one start a successful travel blog?

At first, it seemed like a simple, easy question. but the much more I thought about it, the harder it was to find the best words. any other day, I would have simply answered, “Get a domain name, find a good host, set up the blog, and write away.” but there was a qualifier there, an awfully subjective one: successful.

How do you measure success? we all have different metrics: visitor traffic, social media following, awards and recognition. Success can also imply simply being able to express yourself. If you have a goal — no matter how little — and it is achieved, then it is successful. but if we’re talking about blogging as a career, then possibly a good measure is how the blog is able to sustain itself and generate enough income to support the blogger’s lifestyle. Yep, it is possible to travel the world for totally free and even get paid for it. You’ll be amazed how numerous people have built a profession out of travel blogging, and I had the pleasure of meeting (and being friends) with numerous of them.

I’m not gonna pretend like I’m an expert in this field. Every day, I find myself learning much more as I wade through the intricacies of the blogging community and the travel industry. but I am an expert in my personal history (LOL), and that’s what I’m sharing with you in this post.

That’s me in Turkey, Iceland, the Maldives, and Morocco.

Nope, I’m not going to tell you to quit your job and travel the world.
As someone who came from a less fortunate family with children to feed and send to school, I know it’s NOT that easy. At least for me, it wasn’t easy at all. It was made even much more complicated by the fact that I’m holding a Philippine passport, which entails proving my rootedness and financial capacity before I’m allowed to set foot in numerous of my dream destinations. I could not just leave everything behind and ride off into the sunset. I had to plan everything, and plan everything I did.

We started this blog from nothing. At the time, I was at the very bottom of the corporate ladder, working as a social media marketing manager for a startup company from 8-5. At first, I was just blogging about our company outings because I couldn’t afford to travel on my own. I had no savings. My salary was just enough for rent, bills, and the tuition of the kids in the family. but we’ve come a long way.

Today, both Vins and I have quit our day jobs and are now full-time travel bloggers. We’ve also launched another blog called This blog alone registers practically a million page views a month and our two blogs have over 2 million social media followers in total. and because of these blogs, we are able to travel any time we want.


More info about Yoshke and Vins

More info about The poor Traveler Blog

So how did we do it? What I’m sharing below are things I have learned over a decade of working both as a blogger and as a social media marketing professional. some of these I already knew even before we created this blog, while others were lessons we picked up along the way. We had a few regrets — things that we would’ve done differently — and we hope sharing them would help you avoid making the same mistakes.

If I would start a travel blog best now, here’s how I would do it.

But before that, let me say this: travel blogging as a full-time profession is not as glamorous as people think. There are days when we feel like if we don’t write anything, we won’t earn anything. many days, we just break even. We have to continuously be on our toes so we have backup plans. but between this and having a day job, we would pick this all day. Yes, we work all the time, but we work at our own pace at any place we choose.

We’re not encouraging you to quit your job, but if you decide to do it, plan it well. Here’s how we planned our exit:
how We quit our jobs to Travel

Step 1: positioning


Determine what will set your blog aside from the rest.
Build your blog identity.
Set up the blog.a. purchase a domain name and hosting plan.
b. install WordPress.
c. pick a theme.

Write, write, write!
Get found, get followed, engage.
Monetize your blog and social media assets!
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Determine what will set your blog aside from the rest.

This is what many bloggers don’t even consider. They simply think of a name and sign up for a blog. but if you want to make a profession out of blogging, this is the first thing you ought to think about.

There are tens of thousands of blogs out there, and you need to find what would make yours stand out. So you want to blog about travel? Cool. The next question you ought to ask yourself is: What about it?

What would make your new blog different? What can it offer that isn’t on the table yet? Why ought to readers care about your blog? Also, who is your target audience? Are you writing for a particular age bracket or gender or socio-economic class?

What sets you apart may be related to any of the following:

Target market. In our case, we built The poor Traveler for budget travelers in developing countries in Asia. From the get-go, we knew we wanted to write for people with full-time jobs who can only travel during the weekends and holidays. For instance, when we write travel guides, we present cheap flight options from airports in Manila, Bangkok, or Kuala Lumpur. When we offer a sample itinerary, it’s often just for 2-5 days. We always take into consideration that many of our readers are not backpacking for one month but probably just taking a weekend or an extended weekend off from work. When we write about expensive first-world countries like Iceland or Switzerland, we wear the lens of someone who will be spending a year’s worth of hard work for just a week of exploring. These are travelers who can’t afford costly mistakes on the road. another blog that I look up to is Adventurous Kate, which “shows women that independent and solo travel can be safe, easy, and a lot of fun.” view from the Wing caters to frequent flyers. Their respective target markets can’t be any clearer.

Subject. There are several great examples out there. Y travel blog is about being able to “travel with the people you love and have a thriving relationship.” A luxury travel blog focuses on “the finer aspects of travel.” Migrationology is all about traveling for food! It can also be destination-specific! Our other blog focuses on a very particular (and obvious) niche: beaches in the Philippines! You’ll find blogs out there that are about places: Bangkok, Bali, Boracay, Sagada, Goa, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei.

Specific Goal. Our friend Johnny Ward of One step 4Ward files his adventure going to all the countries in the world. If that’s not compelling, I don’t know what is.

Step 2: Branding
Build your blog identity.

Now that you know what would make your blog stand out, it’s time to build your blog’s identity. how would you like to be known? What do you want your blog to be called? how would it look and feel?

The many essential thing you need to decide on at this stage is your blog’s name. sounds easy, yeah? probably not. Haha. I find this to be the most challenging part of the process. The name ought to be able to adequately and correctly encapsulate what your blog stands for. It’s difficult because in some cases you might think you have it, but when you try to purchase the domain name, you’ll find that it’s no longer available or someone else is using it already.

Here are my suggestions when picking a name:

Don’t be too specific. particular is good sometimes, but not too specific. consider the future! You’ll many probably develop as a traveler. If your boyfriend’s name is Juan, don’t call your blog It’s sweet and all, but if you break up, you’re gonna have to start over!

Make it short, clear, and easy to remember. Don’t add numbers or special characters.

Choose a .com instead of a .net or .biz. Don’t make the same mistake that we did. A .com domain name is just much simpler to remember and people always assume it’s .com.

If you can, make your blog name the same as its usernames on social media sites. This allows your readers to find you much much more easily on Facebook or Instagram, and makes it intuitive. Our usernames on Twitter, YouTube, IG, and FB are all @thepoortraveler. and when there’s a new social media site, we sign up immediately to reserve the name just in case it takes off.

Be careful when picking a name. It will be difficult to change it in the future. building your blog’s authority on search engines is highly dependent on your URL (i.e. your blog name). If you change it, you will have to start from scratch, SEO-wise. I’ll talk about SEO later.

But the name is just the start. decide on the look and feel: colors, texture, imagery, overall experience. and if you’re really major about it, have an original logo! These things will increase recall of your brand! (Yes, you’re a brand!)

Once you’re all set with your branding ideas, the real work begins. As you relocation forward, you have to be guided by and stick to it. If your blog is StandUpPaddlingForever, make sure that many of your messages are about standup paddling! It’s a struggle for us, too. even when ours is called The poor Traveler, we often get invited by luxury hotels and resorts to stay with them for free, but we couldn’t take the offer many of the time because they just don’t fit with our blog.

Step 3: Technicals
Set up the blog.

a. purchase a domain name and hosting plan.

There are a lot of options out there, providing various plans at different rates. We don’t have recommendations because we haven’t tried any of the big ones and thus cannot make comparisons. but the process ispractically always the same.

b. install WordPress.

There are numerous other blogging platforms out there, but I strongly recommend WordPress. I’ve been blogging because 2005 and I’ve tried a lot of other platforms, but WordPress is by far the best.

c. pick a theme.

The “theme” is how your blog would appear to the readers. Some themes come with extra features. Some may require additional plugins. You can purchase a “premium” theme or you can have a customized design created.

But because you’re just getting started and you don’t have much content yet, pick one of the thousands of totally free themes that are available! On your WordPress Dashboard, hover on the appearance link on the side menu, click on Themes, and begin exploring.

These are pre-set themes, so pick one that is closest to your branding vision. When your blog has enough content, you can level up to a much more premium theme.

Step 4: Content
Write, write, write!

At every marketing summit I have attended, there’s always someone that would say this: content is King.

Although I’m sick of hearing it, there’s a reason why industry leaders keep on harping on it — because it is true. and sadly, it’s often forgotten. Sure, every once in a while, someone takes over the Internet because of a stunt, sheer personality, or genetics, but they rise and fall quicker than your first one-night stand. If you’re after longevity, focus on content. A stable online profession has its foundation strongly rooted on how much value you add to your readers’ experiences.

Whether you’re producing videos, photos, or articles, whether you objective to inform, entertain or inspire, it is essential to bear these in mind:

Be sincere. Don’t do it just because of the money. Do it because you love it. Do it because you have something to share.

Don’t post anything you can’t be happy of. quality first.

Learn along the way. You’ll discover that some topics or styles work better than others. feel totally free to experiment and do much more of what you think is working.

But don’t lose yourself. finding the healthiest mixture of knowing your readers’ taste and staying true to yourself is no easy business. The last thing you want is to wake up one day and see that your blog is so oddly distant from the real you. Your blog is yours. Don’t lose yourself in the process.

Keep on blogging. There will be moments when you feel like no one’s reading your blog and you begin to question why you’re doing it. Don’t stop. The start of every trek is always uphill. but the much more messages you make, the better you increase your chances of getting found and noticed.

Step 5: SEO and Social Media
Get found, get followed, engage.

Perhaps one of the reasons why my partnership with Vins works is because of our backgrounds. before we became full-time travel bloggers, Vins was an SEO specialist by profession, while I was the social media Head of a number of big companies in the ASEAN region. When we combine our skills in harnessing the power of both search and social media, we get to capture our target audience.

Social Media is a complicated monster. even after years of experience, I still cannot claim knowledge in it because it changes every damn time. but the basic principles are still the same.

Every channel is different. create content that is tailor-made for each. What works on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work for Instagram.

You don’t need to be present in all of the social media sites, but you need to figure out the best mix for your brand.

Be human. let your followers feel you’re one of them, you’re one with them.

Don’t purchase fake followers. Your peers know. and while you may trick clients in the beginning, sooner or later your credibility will come crashing down.

Most importantly: When you give the best content to the best audience through the best social media channel, you could make them share your messages and follow you for more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), on the other hand, is the art and science of